One of the most iconic actresses in Bollywood - Koena Mitra - has been missing from the action for quite a long time now, and her fans have been questioning about her absence ever since. Starting her career in the early 2000s, Koena Mitra has joined multiple Hindi films, but her last film was in 2015. She has not taken part in any films for nearly four years. But things have changed.

Koena Mitra
The Bollywood star Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra will be a part of the Bigg Boss 13 – one of the most successful reality shows in India. And in this reality show, this Bollywood actress shared her reasons for not being in any movies in the last four years.

At first, her fans thought that this Bollywood star had not joined in any movies because the industry was a bad place, but this is not correct. Koena Mitra said that the movie industry was kind and welcoming with her, and she got offered a lot of different projects. She has turned down those projects due to “creative disagreements or quality of work.”

Koena Mitra
Koena Mitra has been out of the business for four years, but she is coming back

Of all the projects she got offered, sex comedy movies are the most familiar movie genre for Koena Mitra. But the Bollywood star turned down those offers because she wanted to do something different. The Bollywood actress herself shared that she has been given multiple offers for a role in sex comedy movies, but she all turned down those offers. She does not want to just show up on screen doing silly things.

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No longer in the sex comedies anymore

Four years is a long period of time for any kind of celebs to stay offline. After staying in the shadow for too long, Koena Mitra needs a big push to return to the same position she was once in. Bigg Boss 13 is certainly her ticket to return back to the game.