Our Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has just returned to Hindi films after having been absent for quite a long time. Our actress has just married Nick Jonas last year, so until now, Priyanka Chopra can find the time to take part in the Hindi movie The Sky Is Pink. This movie has gained so much attention within our country, as well as attention from other countries.

The Sky Is Pink
The Sky Is Pink is super hot right now

The Sky Is Pink is actually the first Bollywood movie to be promoted in one of the most famous TV shows in the USA - Tonight’s Show With Jimmy Fallon. This has shown how well-known this movie of Priyanka Chopra is all over the world.

Screenshot 10
Tonight’s Show With Jimmy Fallon is a huge TV show in the USA, so this is actually a huge honor for The Sky Is Pink

Even more, Jimmy Fallon – the host of the show – did not know that The Sky Is Pink is the first Bollywood movie being promoted on his show. That news was a total surprise for him, but it was also a welcomed one, of course. This worldwide famous celeb is now actually looking forward to the second Bollywood movie being promoted on his TV show.

Heres How Jimmy Fallon Reacted To The Sky Is Pink
Jimmy Fallon is really open to have another Bollywood film being featured on his show

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We will certainly see more Bollywood movie being promoted in Tonight’s Show With Jimmy Fallon

Also, during the interviews to promote for The Sky Is Pink, Priyanka Chopra also leaked that she would take part in a superhero movie in the near future. Specifically, that movie's name would be We Can Be Superheros, and there would be prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell - Pedro Pascal and Christian Slater in the movie with our Bollywood star.

Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Her Fiction Film We
Priyanka Chopra will be in a superhero movie with the prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell