India is currently in the lockdown state set by the government in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus until March 31. People from more than 80 cities are encouraged to stay home as much as possible unless they have an emergency. Schools, trains, buses, movie theaters, markets have almost all shut down.

However, people who work in essential services such as the police, doctors, nurses are still working nights and days to stop the pandemic. Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested people who are staying at home to make noise by clapping their hands, or ringing bells,... at 5 PM to show their appreciation to all the workers who are fighting the coronavirus.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone claps hands to cheer emergency worker from her house

Katrik Aaryan
Katrik Aarya

Big B Family
Amitabh Bachchan with his family.

Ananya Pandey Famiy
Chunky Pandey and his family.

And so at 5 PM, we got a see a wonderful sight and sound of everyone clapping and making clanging sound with their pots and spoon and bells. Even Bollywood celebrities also joined the initiative and live stream on Instagram. Let's check out and see how they cheer for the unnamed heroes of India.

With the corporate of Indian people, all streets and roads have never been so clear before. Combined with the effort of the medical crews around the country, the coronavirus outbreak will surely be contained in no time. However, in some places, there are people who still go out in the street and gather, ignoring the warning of the government.

In Indore, after 14 hours of Janta Curfew, youths start flocking the street with motorcycles, banging utensils. In some other places, people even burn crackers, dancing around, beating garbage bins and hurling bombs.