After Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home is possibly the next worth-waiting this summer. The film is rumoured to be the last episode and that it would end Phase 3 of MCU. The movie is coming to theater within 1 month from now, meaning that it is currently in its final marketing stretch. This means that a whole lot of teasers and clips are about to be bombarded in these upcoming weeks. Yet, before Marvel managed to release their baits, the likely-to-be last trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has recently been leaked. And guess what? This happens right before the official release of the movie!

Spider Man Far From Home 2
The rumoured last trailer for the film is leaked

Back in those days when Endgame hasn’t premiered, SONY did a great job keeping things about Spider-Man: Far From Home in the dark. Thanks to them, none of us was spoiled by the film’s content. But since the truth about Endgame had been revealed, not to mention the fact that this Spidey upcoming movie happens right after that catastrophic event, a bunch of videos and trailers regarding the film has been shared here and there.

Much as this trailer is posted all over the Internet, it is unlikely that it would make a way to official channels. Needless to say, the trailer has been shown in several cinemas, so it’s likely that some of you have already seen it. This trailer includes both old and new footage. We can see that some old scenes are shown throughout the trailer, along with the new ones. Moreover, it is spoiled that not only does MJ know Peter Parker’s real identity, but she also finds out that secret herself. What is more surprising is that MJ seems to be cool with this little secret of Spidey (but not the flying thing apparently).

Another person who shows no surprise towards this fact is Aunt May. The way she takes down a small mob family as one of Peter’s items in his to-do-list right before his being on holiday is hilarious.

Spider Man Far From Home 4
The trailer includes important details of the film

And we cannot ignore a fact that as in the trailer, Spider-Man is able to directly personalize his own suit in the Stark Jet. It seems that our Tony did have his own labs in those private jets and that hardly surprises anyone. For all we know, he might had had that labs for last minute customization on Iron Man before getting into battles. Oh Tony, we love you 3000.

July 2nd would be the official release day for Spider-Man: Far From Home.