Jade Nicole, 33 years old, struggled with caring for her family until she found the solution on OnlyFans. The income of her husband was not enough to support the family with two kids.

In fact, she had a debt that worth $100,000. She would have to reach food drives and live dependently on benefits for years.

A surprising reverse

The mother-of-two in Kansas City, Missouri, now owns a new four-wheel, tropical holiday. She is also eyeing a new home.

Jade Nicole
Now that she has a career in X-rated videos and photos, she saved her family and herself.

Jade Nicole said,

"Prior to online work, I was a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom. I was a pretty boring, vanilla wife, and our marriage was lacking.

"This job has kind of returned me to my pre-mom days."

After she married her high school sweetheart 15 years ago, she had struggled to maintain a stable financial status.

Jade Nicole 1
She lived a struggling life before knowing of the platform.

In fact, she dropped her training to be a pharmacist and turned into a housewife who lives on her husband’s earning. He is a supervisor in the United States Postal Service.

The woman could not afford for her daughter to join competitive gymnastics and would even scrape change to pay for petrol. They got into a deep debt of nearly $100,000.

Their house was even foreclosed 5 years ago.

Jade Nicole 2
She nearly had her home seized before turning rich.

However, in February 2018, a girl on Facebook shared with her the money she collected by selling saucy snaps on Snapchat.

A year later, other models suggested that Jade should move to OnlyFans. In the first month, she made $1,000 and it slowly hiked to around $5,000. Until August 2019, it turned into her main source of income and platform.

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OnlyFans saved her life and now she is helping people

Jade Nicole rewarded herself an SYV, breast augmentation, a brand new wedding ring, holidays, designer lingerie. But then, her income crept up to $30,000 each month.

Jade Nicole 3
She even had to hire assistants to aid with the admin.

Her husband really supports her work. He helps her with the lighting and even lays out her lingerie for pick out props.

Moreover, in December 2020, she wanted to give something back to her community as she herself had to rely on food banks for such a long time.

"I had been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook, from people looking for help for holiday gifts, and it just seemed there was such a tremendous need for basics, like groceries, as well."

She reached out on Facebook to those who are needy and approached the local school who gave her a list of underprivileged families.

Jade Nicole
"It's really humbling - this job has helped me in so many ways but it was really nice to be able to use that benefit to help somebody else."

She and her family packed grocery bags including potatoes, a ham, corn, green beans, dressing, crescent rolls, macaroni and cheese, and even X-mas cookies for Santa.

The couple headed out and delivered those to more than 50 homes during four days.

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