Last week, game developer Bungie Inc., creator of highly-acclaimed shooter games Halo and Destiny, separated from publisher Activision while maintaining the rights to Destiny. This dropped a bomb in the gaming industry.

Developers leaving publishers appears to be a common trend at the moment, and most of the time, the reason is disagreements over sales figures. Usually, publishers demand a ridiculous number, which puts a lot of pressure on developers.


So now many developers have decided that they are better off on their own. Previously IO Interactive, developer of the Hitman series, already parted ways with Square Enix, and now Bungie is following the same path.

Hitman developer IO Interactive recently separated from Square Enix

So, how could this split lead to a mobile version of Destiny? Well, back in June 2018, Chinese game company NetEase invested $100 million in Bungie. It is almost certain that Bungie was negotiating a split from Activision at that point after growing frustration about the American publisher’s demand for a yearly release cycle for Destiny. If you don’t know, Activision wanted Bungie to make either a sequel or expansion for Destiny every year, which really displeased the developer.

Following the announcement of the investment, Bungie even publicly said that it wanted to self-publish in the future.

NetEase is a prolific publisher that has had a long history in mobile gaming. It has been involved in several big hits such as Lineage 2, Rules of Survival, and the much controversial Diablo: Immortal. With that being the case, it is not too far-fetched to believe that this cooperation could result in a mobile tie-in to the Destiny universe. Depends on how ambitious Bungie is, we could see a full-fledged Destiny on mobile similar to Shadowgun Legends, or an arena battler like Clash Royale.

Destiny on mobile could be something like Shadowgun Legends

Of course, nothing is concrete fact at the moment, but there is a very high chance that this partnership will give birth to some form of mobile games.