When you can afford authentic AirPods, you may think about cheaper ones. But sometimes, you may pay for something out of your expectation, like the girl in this story. She bought a pair of AirPods on Amazon but what she received is not for humans. It’s for the giants. Check out this interesting story here with Gurugamer.com.

The Girl Got Surprised By Fake AirPods She Bought From Amazon

Airpods earphone is one of the best products in the market now. Thus, it’s, of course, expensive. The prize for this tiny item is often higher than the budget of many people. But lots of people still love to have a pair of AirPods in their pockets. So does Aleezay, a girl from Dubai, who bought a pair of unauthentic AirPods on Amazon. Consequently, she cannot put that pair of AirPods in her pockets.

Real Airpods
These are the AirPods she wishes to have

Aleezay from Dubai went shopping online on Amazon and bought a pair of AirPods which was labeled 50 pounds. She knew that the authentic product would cost higher, up to several hundreds of pounds. But this girl thought an unauthentic product is acceptable, or at least usable. However, when she received the product, she knew she was wrong. The AirPods are even bigger than her head. How can she use them?

Fake Airpods From Amazon
And here are what she got

She posted a picture of the giant AirPods on Twitter and wrote a caption “So today I receive my AirPods from Amazon. God, these are huge”. Sadly for the girl, she got fake and unusable AirPods. Her post got 340,000 likes and 71,000 shares. Many people keep teasing her like: “I guess these AirPods are for elephants”, or “Did you order the right size?”

The Shopper Was Deeply Shocked
It's not a hairdryer, it's an ear-dryer

The girl also shared that she knew it was fake because it was not expensive. However, she was still shocked because it’s out of her imagination. These are too big for the human size.