Alinaarose is a sexy ASMR streamer on Twitch. Her channel was immediately banned when purposely called viewers Daddy on her recent live-stream. Twitch is more strict about sensitive content on the live-stream.

Twitch Streamer Got Banned For Calling Viewers Daddy Sexily

Alinaarose is a sexy Twitch streamer. She often makes ASMR content. Moreover, this sexy girl also has an only-fan page to share many sexy looks of her. ASMR is a trending content on the mainstream recently.

Alinaarose 1
Alinaarose often wears sexy outfits and takes photos to share on the internet.

Although this trend is more popular on YouTube, you can also see many ASMR streamers on Twitch. However, this streaming platform always restricts sensitive content on this channel. Many streamers were also banned for making sensitive visual or audio content.

Alinaarose 2
Alinaarose made ASMR content on their Twitch channel.

This sexy Twitch streamer is the next streamer getting banned for this reason. In specific, Alinaarose and Actuallyangell were live-streaming on Twitch. They made ASMR content with a special micro. However, they suddenly said "Oh. Yes, Daddy" while licking the micro.

Alinaarose 3
This sexy streamer violated the rule of Twitch about sensitive content.

Then, her channel was immediately banned. Twitch didn't give any further information or explanation about this ban. Alinaarose accepted this punishment and also sent thanks to her fans on Twitter.

Alinaarose 4
She got viral after making ASMR content on this live-stream platform.

Previously, Alinaarose often played Fortnite or chat with viewers on her channel. However, the view count was not high. It began to fly after she switched to ASMR broadcasts. In specific, there are over two thousand viewers on her ASMR live-streams every ASMR broadcast of Alinaarose.

Alinaarose 5
This sexy streamer also has a lot of followers on Twitter.

We don't know when she will come back to this live-stream platform. Many streamers have got a permanent ban when violating the regulation of Twitch.

Alinaarose 6
She often posts many hot looks to treat her only-fans.
Alinaarose has a super hot and sexy body shape.