DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Cortez Way is a familiar name on the internet now. Starting his career as a rapper and producer, Soulja Boy just had a grand entrance into the gaming industry in December 2018 by starting to sell video game consoles on his website. Although he was forced to shut down everything within the same month due to the seeming action of Nintendo to protect the copyright of their products, this defeat did not stop him from trying to get into the gaming field.

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DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Cortez Way

After releasing a brand new video game console (which quite looks like PSP console from Sony) earlier this month, Soulja Boy still keeps the hype up really high. In a new interview, Soulja Boy said he would release a new video game consoles that you can play Fortnite – a famous online royal battle game by Epic Games developer – on it. Although his statement was firm as all other statements in the past, we still need to hear from Epic Games to confirm this information. And sadly for Soulja Boy, Epic Games statement was opposite to his.

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Soulja Boy's console which was released earlier this month

According to Mr. Nick Chester, Epic Games’ spokesman, Epic Games know nothing about the new device by Soulja Boy. This implies that Soulja Boy did not have any discussion with Epic Games before he issued his statement. Moreover, Nick also confirmed that Fortnite has an anti-cheating system, so playing Fortnite on a rooted or jailbroken (tried to hack) device is impossible. We can yet be sure what exactly did Nick refer to in his statement, but it might not be a compliment for the new console by the Chicago entrepreneur.

Although time will answer exactly whether Soulja Boy’s next video game console will feature Fortnite or not when it is officially on sale, we still have not known the exact date of release for the new console. While waiting for it, you can check out some other products by Soulja Boy, namely SouljaPad tablet, the SouljaPod earphones, the SouljaWatch, and the SouljaPhone HT70 on his website.