Both fans and the world got shocked as Kanika Kapoor and some patients tested positive with the COVID-19 for the fifth time. That will be a nightmare if patients can’t actually recover from the fatal disease, even after they get the appropriate treatment for many times.

Canadian Nurse Covid 19
While Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for COVID-19 for five times, the nurse from Canada has got positive up to 8 times.

A nurse in Canada has recently revealed that since she was infected over a month ago, she has tested COVID-19 positive up to 8 times within 50 days.

CTV News reported that on March 30, Tracy Schofield discovered herself to experience some symptoms including a fever, chills, and dyspnea. She quickly got tested for COVID-19 and what she was afraid came to true: She was infected with the Coronavirus.

The nurse, aged 49, intentionally self-isolated within 14 days; however, her result continued to come out positive. And the same thing still happens in the next six times.

The report further unveiled that even the doctors also felt surprised as she has kept testing positive. They believed she is no longer contagious but the reason for her current situation is still a mystery.

Tracy Schofield seemed unable to accept the truth whenever she received the test result. She wished someone could tell her what to do. She also wondered whether she would have the disease forever or not.

During the next 14 days since she tested positive with COVID-19 for the first time, she lost her sense of taste and smell. Her situation was so serious that she couldn’t even smell VapoRub or taste vinegar chips of salt.

Canada Nurse
The portrait of Tracy Schofield.

Although almost all of the symptoms haven’t longer appeared in her body after about 02 months, she has still coughed and felt hard to breathe. When getting tested at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, her results, once again, have shown positive.

Until the eighth time, Tracy Schofield could breathe a sigh of relief after her test result showed negative. However, COVID-19 patients who are supposed to recover must have negative results for two times. And the luck didn’t smile at her: She tested positive for the ninth time.

Authorities in Region of Waterloo Public Health then allowed her to wander out; however, Schofield said she hasn’t still felt comfortable until the nurse gets tested negative for two consecutive times.