Wearing face masks is known as a simple method to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, but they may have more advantages than we can think.

As a member of a new party called Horiemon, Kana Shindou, who is campaigning for a slot in the committee in Tokyo, Japan, has just come up with an idea about the design of the campaign poster that promises to draw huge attention from everyone.

Kana Shindou
Kana Shindou - the candidate who is aiming at a position in the committee in Tokyo.

As we can see, the poster shows a bold image of Ms. Kana holding her big boobs. However, that’s not enough. Her bra obviously looks so flimsy and can possibly break anytime because it turns out to be made from face masks that are provided to households by the Japanese government during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Kana Poster
Kana and her campaign poster on the street.
Kana Shindou Campaign
She feels confident about herself and her meaningful poster.

In a short interview, Kana Shindow explained that this poster was designed to criticize the response of both the government and Prime Minister Abe in a struggle with the COVID-19 epidemic. She admitted that this poster, in fact, showed the audacity but she believed that everyone could get what she wanted to express.

Kana On Street

Poster Campaign
The close-up pics of Kana's poster.
Kana Face Masks
It is obvious that two thin face masks are hard to save the Japanese from the COVID-19. Kana says right!

According to Kana Shindow, the Japanese government has provided two thin face masks to its citizens to help protect them from the fatal virus, but it seems that the money the government has spent is much more than what the citizens have received. The female candidate also emphasized that her poster should be considered a satirical criticism toward the Japanese government’s response to Coronavirus.

Many of us realize the message hidden in the poster; however, what we get may be completely different.

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