The YouTube vs TikTok war has ended, but the winner was actually the one who lost. The phenomenon video 'YouTube vs TikTok: The End' of CarryMinati which got more than 7 crore views over 5 days was taken down by YouTube itself and will never return.

Carryminati 9b81
The 'YouTube vs TikTok video of CarryMinati got 7.1 crore views before getting removed

The reason for this still remains unknown until now. People speculated that maybe there were too many harassments and verbal abuses in the video. Others thought that it was because too many triggered TikTokers reported the video on YouTube. Considering what happened to CarryMinati's Twitter recently, it might be true though.

On May 14, the number of followers of CarryMinati Twitter got reduced to 0. Apparently, Twitter did that because his account received a massive number of reports. His account has returned to normal now with 1.4 million followers.

Carryminati Twitter
CarryMinati's Twitter had 0 followers on May 14

Knowing that his video will never be back on YouTube again, CarryMinati got really upset and made a post on Twitter to tell fans how he felt and to appreciate their support. He confirmed that YouTube hasn't made any statement about this matter so he didn't know the real reason behind the removal of his video.

Carryminati Twitter 1
CarryMinati shared his feeling about the incident to fans

Yesterday, CarryMinati uploaded another video on his YouTube channel called 'Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube vs Tiktok: The End'. Unlike other videos of him, this one has a serious tone, showing that the YouTuber is clearly tired about what happened lately.

In the video, he addresses that many people are taking words in his video out of context and causing misunderstanding. Also, many people translated his video into English, which caused the loss of meaning in his words. CarryMinati thinks that this is the main reason why his video was taken down asks fans to not misinterpret his message by making their own assumptions.

 “Whenever humour written in Hindi is translated to English, the meaning will completely change.” CarryMinati says.

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