The situation of the new Coronavirus plague keeps getting worse and worse every day. Doctors, scientists, and hospitals all around the world are working extremely hard to contain the disease. An extremely crucial step to contain this new virus is to locate the animals that have been the hosts of this Coronavirus, and perhaps the scientists have found the answer to that question.

The result of new research conducted by South China Agricultural University has just found out that Pangolins – a very cute mammal – can totally be the intermediate host of this new Coronavirus. This research pointed out that the Coronavirus’ genome sequence in pangolins is 99% the same as the Coronavirus’ genome sequence in human bodies.

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Pangolins may look cute, but they are far more dangerous than we anticipated

Before, scientists have agreed with each other that this new virus started from bats, and it has been wildly spread via the markets for wild animals in Wuhan, China. However, the genome sequence of the Coronavirus found in bats is quite different from what we have found in human bodies. That is why scientists always believe that there is at least one other intermediate host for this virus before it reaches human bodies, and the answer is pangolins.

Pangolin is an extremely endangered mammal now, as we have international law to protect it, with a ban being imposed on the transportation and trade of pangolins. However, more than one million pangolins have been traded in the last decade. In China, pangolins are extremely expensive food, and they are also used in many types of Chinese traditional medicine. Nevertheless, pangolins being used in those ways are never handled properly. That is why this Coronavirus can enter the human bodies that easily.

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Illegal transportation and trade of pangolins like this were the reasons for the outbreak of Coronavirus

For years, scientists have tried to persuade the government of China to shut down those markets for wild animals in this country. Perhaps this plague will be the wake-up call that China needs to start acting right.

Nevertheless, the plague has been extremely severe all over the world, and there have been leaks saying that the Chinese government has not been completely honest with the world.