Bing Qi Lin is a hot TikToker and streamer from China. She broke the body shape rule for female streamers in China and in Asia. She proved that chubby girls can be as beautiful and sexy as slim girls.

Chubby Streamer And TikToker Raised Temperature

Her full nickname on the internet is "Qing Gei Wo Yi Ge Bing Qi Lin 93" which means "Please give me an ice-cream 93". She is a hot streamer on the streaming platform HUPU Live in China.

Bing Qi Lin 1
Bing Qi Lin is a hot girl on DouYin.

She is also a hot face on DouYin. It's also known as the TikTok platform in China which is very hot and popular these days. Unlike most of TikTokers in DouYin, Bing Qi Lin has a chubby and sexy beauty.

Bing Qi Lin 3
She is very confident to flaunt her sexy chubby body shape on the internet.

Although her chubby body shape is very rare in this DouYin where most hot girls are very thin and slim, Bing Qi Lin still got a lot of fans and followers. Her fans love the confidence and sweet beauty of this streamer.

Bing Qi Lin 5
Bing Qi Lin is very sexy in this bodycon dress.

On her debut broadcast on HUPU Live, the beautiful streamer got over 47k viewers and became the top 1 trending streamer at that time.

Bing Qi Lin 7
She is also a successful and famous streamer in China.

Bing Qi Lin often shares many sexy and stunning looks of her in daily life on Weibo to treat fans and followers. Then, her fan community keeps increasing in size day by day. She is also one of very few chubby TikToker and streamers who has got such a big love and fame in her country.

Bing Qi Lin 10
She often treats fans with many sexy looks.
Bing Qi Lin 12
Bing Qi Lin is very sweet when she smiles.
Bing Qi Lin 13
The chubby streamer has a baby face and spotless skin.
Bing Qi Lin 14
She proved that chubby girls are also beautiful and sexy.