Cloud gaming console?

Giving us the high-end PC rated gaming experience without the expensive hardware, that is the trick that Shadow a game company would like to pull off. During a talk with GamesRadar+, Emmanuel Freund the CEO and president of Shadow explained on how will they materialize this concept and how everyone should believe that the next big thing will be a console "runs" on the cloud.

Freund said that the cloud the future for everything from gaming to even the whole fate of humanity. He confirmed that cloud will host the next big shot console.

Freund believes that cloud technology has the potential to give more people access to the world of gaming.

He explained during the interview that usually video game is one of the cheapest types of entertainment. For example, a player could spend only 50 dollars on a game, but in return, he gets 100 or even 1000 hours of gameplay. However, to access to this cheapest kind of entertainment, you have to invest on an up-front cost of a console ( ranges from 400$ to 1000$), for a PC you would have to pay even more. This is a very high entry barrier to many people wants to get into gaming.

Cloud for game development

In this talk, he also explains the advantages that the cloud will bring to game makers. With cloud gaming, there will be no more worrying about different specs of PC, consoles and online gameplay.

Cloud Gaming Will It Be The Nextgen Gaming Console
A diagram on how cloud gaming would work

According to Freund, cloud gaming will enable a new way to develop the game. The game will be developed on big servers will all of the players are already there. This way, you could add in millions of players and don't even need to synchronize every bit of data. With the cloud, you only need to send in the results. So with the cloud, the developers could reduce the production time by 1/3.

Recently, Shadow also announced Hive - a beautiful platform game for its 50,000 members - this game will allow a user to share in real-time the gaming experiences they are having by allowing friends to join in with each other, chat live, track the progress of another.