Just last week, the controversial streamer Ali Larsen, more known as Gross Gore, had landed himself again in another controversy. After it ended. people attending the RuneFest official convention of Runescape reported that the streamer had harassed females at the convention and gotten himself into a physical fight with a different streamer. At the moment, he is saying that he has been banned on Twitch, again. He also added that he is barred from ever attending the TwitchCon. However, he has claimed that this is due to another incident, not the one at RuneFest.

Gross Gore, whose URL to Twitch is now directing back to its front page, has just posted an update on the suspension on Twitter.

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The problematic streamer

He stated that it was due to some past events in the week before that he had gotten a ban of 30 days on the streaming platform and he is currently barred from ever attending TwitchCon. He added that there is no word to describe his disappointment.

There was also a statement in the last stream he made before getting suspended. He said that Twitch was apparently considering another permanent ban on him again. However, there was someone working at Twitch that had gone out of their way to bat for him. When we reached out regarding this and the terms of Gross Gore’s suspension, the company cited its policy of not answering questions regarding bans or suspensions.

Throughout the RuneFest convention, there have been numerous women accusing Gross Gore of making comments that are sexual to them. In addition, one account added that he would just continue on with his behaviors after someone had told him to stop. Another account posted one video having the controversial streamer trying to grab a female’s face as he tried really hard to give her a kiss. Another streamer, Skiddler, stated that when he attempted to address the claims with Gross Gore, it escalated to become a complete physical fight that was started by Larsen.

Gross Gore New Drama
This is not his first offense

Responding to this, Larsen did agree that there was a struggle physically. However, he claimed Skiddler to be the one initiating the fight by going after him, unlike what Skiddler had told before. He also called the harassment claims as “overblown” due to his “flirty” personality. In addition, he stated that the female that Skiddler was protecting was in a very revealing top. This was his reason to make the offensive comment that caused the fight. Larsen had stated that had he driven around using a Ferrari, then other people would want to comment on his car. He said that it just is the way people operate and he was sorry if it was offensive to the woman.

This incident prompted RuneFest host and Runescape developer Jagex to state that there would be no more cooperation with the ones involved in the fight further down the line. The company added that they would not work with both parties, or even invite them to any future event. However, there was no name-dropping from Jagex, so we can assume that they meant both of the parties.

Oddly enough, Gross Gore stated that both the harassment and Skiddler’s fight were not what made Twitch lose their temper with him. He claimed that the ban was the result of an innocent clip of this very event recording him shouting about making some drama and the following someone through the crowd using his knees.

On his YouTube video to explain the Twitch suspension, Larsen stated that there was a clip of him during the event last week following a streamer on his knees and being immature. He explained that it was this clip that made Twitch loses its temper. He apologized and explained that the action was deemed a form of harassment. Twitch had no tolerance when it comes to harassment. Thus, he apologized to anyone who was offended in general and the streamer in particular.

This is, in fact, not the first time Gross Gore has gotten himself a ban. He has always been a problematic streamer since his first days working with Twitch. His latest, as well as the most famous screw-up, was when he accused Krepo, an ex-professional LoL player of pedophile. Needless to say, it got him a permanent ban.

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