WHO has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic due to the increasing scale of infection in the world. It has caused nearly 140,000 cases and over 4,600 deaths all over the world. However, people have different infection risks of coronavirus and level of severe, depending on many elements like health condition, age, and awareness of hygiene and quarantine.

Risk Of Coronavirus Infection Is Different Among P
Risk of coronavirus infection is different among people

This deadly virus is more life-threatening to many people while others show lighter symptoms of infection. Here are two groups of people who have a higher risk of infection and severe illness in coronavirus pandemic. The data was collected, analyzed, and synthesized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and WHO. They pointed out two groups of people who have a higher risk of coronavirus infection.

The Group of the Elderly 

Chinese Center for Disease Control’s data shows that the death rates due to coronavirus are higher in the elderly, specifically people above 60 years old. According to their study, the death rate in the group of people above 80 is 14.8%, people between 70 to 79 is 8%, and people from 60 to 69 is 3.6%. Moreover, people at high age and people with weak immune systems are at higher risk of infection and severe symptoms. Once they infect the virus Covid-19, they may have a high fever or suffer from severe pulmonary problems. In those cases, those aged patients have to put on ventilators.

The Elderly Have Higher Risk Of Coronavirus Infect
The Elderly Have Higher Risk Of Coronavirus Infection

People With Severe Chronic Illness 

Those who suffer from serious chronic diseases like lung diseases, diabetes, or heart disease. It’s because these people have weaker immune systems. So, they are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Moreover, these people may also have more serious symptoms when they get infected. The statistics of the Chinese CDC also showed that the death rate due to Covid-19 infection in people with heart disease is 10.8%. Whereas this number is 7.3% in people with diabetes, and 6.3% in people with respiratory diseases.

Death Rate In People With Chronic Diseases Is High
Death Rate In Covid-19-positive Patients With Chronic Diseases Is Higher