In Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 11 people kept in quarantine while awaiting for coronavirus test results fled from the hospital in which they were held. These people previously went to Dubai for a cricket match. After returning to India, they were quickly sent to an isolation ward in Navi Mumbai within 2 hours.

coronavirus isolation ward india
Patients breaking their quarantine is causing headaches for medical workers

Unfortunately, this group managed to slip past the security there and has not been seen since. According to a news report, even the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and police had to jump in to investigate and launch a search operation for these people.

India has low coronavirus cases, because patients keep running away?

Due to the contagious and unknown nature of the virus, there's a high likelihood that even if one of the 11 tested positive for COVID-19, chances are the whole group and anyone they came into contact with would have it as well.

coronavirus isolation ward india
Quarantine is unpleasant in India, so people think about themselves first

Astoundingly, this is just one of many examples of suspected cases all over India escaping quarantine and isolation. Previously, a group of 4 also managed to escape from a Nagpur isolation ward. In Darbhanga, Bihar, a suspected patient also disappeared from a hospital there.

These situations are creating more unnecessary health hazards when the coronavirus is already extremely dangerous on its own. The first fatality in India was also the result of the deceased man's family moving him from Kalubrugi to Hyderabad against doctors' advice. This also infected many other people, including one of the man's family members.

coronavirus quarantine india
People not cooperating with authorities has been a problem for too long

Lack of cooperation and coordination is happening everywhere in the country. In other news, four Muslims who returned to Karnataka from Dubai resisted testing for coronavirus and even threatened health officials. They claimed Islam doesn't allow them to undergo medical testing (?!)

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