The Coronavirus disaster is still threatening the world with its complex events. Three of the most severely infected regions are in turn China, South Korea, and Italy, and people from the third most-severe region have arrived in India with the virus!

It seems that India is not as safe as we're thinking right now after the Italian tourists arrived! This group was confirmed to have some Coronavirus-infected on Wednesday, and yesterday, the Indian government has confirmed that they have interacted with at least 215 people in India!

Coronavirus 215 People Interacted With Italian Tou
At least 215 people reported making contact with the infected Italian tourists

That's horrible news for our country, and even though the government is trying their best to giving the infected treatments, we still have to be even more cautious with who we interacted in our daily lives now!

Let's have a chronological look at this event with Gurugamer below:

Over 215 people in India interacted with Coronavirus-infected Italian tourists, some are positive!

The story started as a small Italian tourist group with 22 members set their feet on New Delhi on February 21. At that time, the Coronavirus disaster is not that severe in Italia, so people are not suspecting the group to contain any infected. The tourists decided to get to their hotel in Rajasthan by bus afterward, and as a result, they've interacted with a lot of people in India.

Coronavirus 215 People Interacted With Italian Tou
The Italian group appeared in New Delhi on February 21

Unfortunately, some of them are containing the deadly virus, and not until recently did the Rajasthan government identified that infected in the group. To be more specific, there are totally 16 out of 22 Italian in that group are tested positive with the Coronavirus, and by the time they are receiving proper treatment, they've interacted with at least 215 people! The driver of the bus has shown a positive result for the deadly virus.

The Health Minister of India - Harsh Vardhan has confirmed the news last Wednesday, and the Rajasthan authorities immediately did their job. All of 215 people interacted with the infected Italian tourists are identified, who live in several cities including Bikaner, Jaipur, Jhunjunu, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

Coronavirus 215 People Interacted With Italian Tou
Be extremely careful if you lived in the aforementioned city

All of them, and are undergoing necessary tests, and over 93 cases tested, 60 are proven negative for the Coronavirus. The other 122 people are still in the process, and official information about their situation will be updated in the future. At the same time, 16 infected Italian tourists are kept in Rajasthan and Gurugram, while their hotel rooms are now isolated for investigation.

Coronavirus 215 People Interacted With Italian Tou
The Italian tourists are receiving proper treatment in Rajasthan and Gurugram

While the government is doing their jobs to control the virus, we have to protect our lives with our own hands. Citizens living in the mentioned cities should be very careful and follow compulsory steps to protect yourself and the others, and if you've interacted with the Italian tourist group, you'll need to immediately show yourself to the authority for prompt treatments.

Gurugamer will update the latest news on Coronavirus in India, so keep track with us to deal with this deadly epidemic!