Because of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people have gone out to purchase things that can protect themselves from pathogens. Usually, you think of soaps, sanitizers, toilet paper, etc. as useful items when there's a disease going around. But some are now adding condoms to their list of "protective" items, too.

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Disinfectants and protective suits are not enough now, we need condoms!

Apparently, people are panic-buying condoms for many reasons, but the most common reason is also the most ridiculous. Some social media posts suggested that putting condoms on your fingers can protect you from touching the virus. And if social media says so, then that's what people will do.

What is this world coming to?

In Australia, Singapore, and Canada, people have spotted whole shelves packed with condoms completely emptied. Shoppers are filling their trolleys with condom boxes to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Here's a scene from Canada:

There are two items in that trolley: 16 boxes of condoms and a large tub of coconut oil. We really don't want to know what the coconut oil is for.

Also, this Facebook user from Australia posted a photo of a condom shelf almost cleared out with the caption: “Can anybody please tell me what happened”.

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"World's most trusted condom", even for coronavirus protection

A Facebook group, Ryde District Mums, did some social media sleuth work. The reason behind the condom-buying spree was, according to one user, "some stupid post telling people to put condoms on their fingers to push buttons, etc."

Over in Singapore, the condom-buying spree is also in full flow. Here's a few Twitter posts that explain just WTF is going on in that city-state:

Never thought we would see a "guide" like this in our lifetime.

The coronavirus can survive on many common surfaces, like buttons, poles, touch screens and so on for up to nine days. Disinfectants like antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitizers can break the virus's membrane and kill it. However, that's not enough "protection" until you can put a condom on your fingers.

Here's a reminder that the coronavirus COVID-19 is not like airborne gonorrhea or AIDS. Honestly, there are much more effective and easy ways to protect yourself even in the face of this dangerous unknown virus.

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