The reach of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has become global and almost every country is reporting multiple cases. As of this moment, the US has more than 120 cases of the new coronavirus infection and 9 deaths. This is a big jump from just a day ago. Many of these cases are present across at least 12 states in the US.

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Even warehouse retailers in the US are running out of supplies

About 48 of the people with the virus are those whom the government repatriated from overseas. The rest of the patients either recently traveled, were close to those who traveled, or got it from their community. All 9 deaths so far have come from Washington state, which is also where the 1st case came from. A King County nursing home in Washington has been the center of the outbreak.

What's interesting is while new cases and deaths in China, where the outbreak first happened, have been decreasing while cases outside China are exploding. Many of these are from South Korea (5300), Italy (2500) and Iran (2300).

washington state coronavirus
These scenes are becoming more common all over the world

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, believes things will get worse. “What is happening now in the United States may be the beginning of what is happening abroad,” Messonnier said.

“We will continue to maintain—for as long as practical—an aggressive national posture of containment. That said, you might see some local communities taking specific actions to mitigate the disease”.

Even US Vice President made contact with coronavirus?

US Vice President Mike Pence came in contact with students in Florida, and one of them is currently in quarantine for coronavirus. The vice president met with cadets from Sarasota Military Academy and shook hands with them last Friday during a fundraiser.

mike pence coronavirus
Even the US Vice President (on the right) could have come in contact with the virus

The student in question and his mother are under quarantine as precautionary. The mother made contact with a patient at Sarasota Doctors Hospital as part of her job, and the patient had COVID-19.

However, Katie Miller, the VP's press secretary, has denied any allegation that the US vice president met or made contact with that student. The student and mother themselves are not showing symptoms. Colonel Christina Bowman, executive director of schools at SMA, said that the cadet was not at that fundraiser.

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Meanwhile, people keep stocking up supplies in the US

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