Coronavirus outbreak suddenly took place and spread out quickly all over the world in a few months. It led the world to lack many essential goods, such as toilet papers, masks, and disposable gloves. And now, the world may lack… condoms. Check it out here with 

The World May Lack Of Condom Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

The greatest condom producer in the world warned of the global lack of condom as factories are closed due to coronavirus outbreak. The supply capacity will decline by 50% soon. Karex Bhd is the biggest condom maker in the world with the headquarter located in Malaysia. But this company had to close its factories due to this pandemic. 

A Lot Of Goods Are In Short
A Lot Of Goods Are In Short Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

This Friday, March 27, those factories were opened. However, only half of the employees are allowed to go to work according to the Government’s instruction. This condom producer also revealed that most of the products of this company were made in China and India. However, these two countries are under great impact from the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Demand For Condoms Increases
The Demand For Condoms Increases Because People Are Required To Stay Home

In addition, Goh Miah Kiat, CEO of Karex said the demand for condoms was increasing quickly. It’s because many Governments in the world are asking their citizens to stay home for self-quarantine. He also shared that their inventory condoms are only enough in the next two months. 

The World May Lack Condom
The World May Lack Condoms In The Near Future

Karex is a big brand in making and supplying condoms. They also have their own branding product like durian-smell condoms. This supplier makes 5 million condoms every year and exports condoms to over 140 countries in the world. Therefore, the country lockdown made this company have difficulty in their business. Goh also answered in an interview that it was the first time they had experienced such a great crisis in business.