After days of lockdown, the lives of 130 crore people in India have been affected seriously. Especially, the poor in this country are facing not only the pandemic but also hunger and poverty. Hunger is more life-threatening and scary to them than the coronavirus outbreak.

The Poor In India Are More Scared Of Hunger Than Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Government asked Indian people to stay home for quarantine. All social activities, schools, factories, and shopping malls are closed. However, the poor in this country are facing a more life-threatening pandemic: hunger.

Over 90% of non-agricultural laborers in India are working in works, factories, or vendors, etc. But they have to stop working and stay home due to lockdown. To 12 lakh poor workers in big cities, hunger is more scary and life-threatening than coronavirus. 

Whats Happening In India
What's Happening To The Poor In India During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Indian Government launched a support package of $2300 crore to help the poor. They provide them food for 8.3 crore families and money for 20 crore women across the country. But it only makes up for 1 percent of Indian GDP. Moreover, the support doesn’t go to migrant workers who are not listed for the state payment mechanisms.

The Poor In India In India Lockdown
They scrambled to take buses back home

What Do The Poor Do For Living?

A lot of people decided to take risks and return to their hometowns. The immigrants in New Delhi scrambled to take buses back home, prompting police to use violence to keep order. Many of them even walked for hundreds of kilometers to come back home because they couldn’t take the bus. 

They Even Walked For Hundred Kilometers To Get Home
They Even Walked For Hundred Kilometers To Get Home

They couldn’t keep sticking to big cities without food and water. Hunger is more life-threatening and haunting to those poor people than COVID-19. Most of them have to live in dirty and narrow slums with poor conditions. While the country and the world are struggling with COVID-19, they are also struggling with hunger.