During the Coronavirus pandemic, face mask must be amongst the best-selling products in the global market. In a bid to meet the diverse demands, many kinds of face masks that range from different ingredients, forms, and prices have been available across the world. However, when it comes to the unique face mask amid the pandemic, nothing can beat over a brand-new face mask that cost Rs11 crore and is produced by Israel-based jeweler Yvel according to the orders of a Chinese businessman.

Diamond Face Mask
It must be the most expensive face mask in the world.

To get more specific, Yvel’s designer Isaac Lexy revealed that his company has created the world’s most expensive face mask that cost $1.5 million (Rs11 crore). This unique product doesn’t just have to meet the fundamental criteria such as N99 anti-bacteria filter as required by the buyer but it is also made of white gold and decorated with 3,600 diamonds.

Although the identity of the order owner hasn’t been revealed yet, Levy said that his customer also gave some special requirements. For example, this customer (as mentioned above, a Chinese businessman who now lives in the United States) wants his second-to-none product to be finished at the end of this year and it must be the most expensive face mask in the world.

Face Mask
A close-up pic of this unique product.

To satisfy the fastidious customer, Yvel’s designer created a face mask with the 270g weight, 10 times as heavy as a common medical mask. It is also covered by 3,600 black and white diamonds. However, it is seemingly not the ideal face product to wear.

When being asked for an explanation about this infeasible-to-use product, the designer said that money couldn’t buy everything but if the buyer wanted to attract the attention and could afford a super-expensive COVID-19 face mask, he or she should feel satisfied with it.

Most Expensive Face Mask

Apart from being known as the rarest and most expensive item in the world, this kind of face mask helps create lots of jobs for employees in Levy’s company. The COVID-19 pandemic has had countless challenges and difficulties, but this luxury order manages to partly reduce the damage Yvel’s employees and craftsmen have faced.

However, while the whole world has now keep fighting against the Coronavirus, possessing a gorgeous fashion accessory with such high price is considered unsuitable, or even non-sense.