There are now a total of 44 cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in India after five tested positive. Upon returning to the country on February 29, the family did not go through airport screening for people whose point of departure was Italy.

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Many travelers from overseas are carrying coronavirus with them

The Union Health Ministry released a statement, which said: “The five cases from Kerala reported yesterday are three family members with travel history to Italy and two of their relatives who came in contact with them. The family is reported to have visited relatives and attended few functions and their contacts are being traced”.

Among them is a three-year-old boy in Kerala. Meanwhile, new cases have been showing up in various Indian states: Jammu, Delhi, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.

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Medical workers are wearing masks everyday

Also, the state of Maharashtra reported that a couple from Pune tested positive as well. The couple had a travel history to Dubai. Jawed Akhtar, Karnataka Health Secretary, also revealed that a software engineer who recently came back from the US had the coronavirus as well. But the Union Health Ministry hasn't confirmed these state-reported cases.

Details of the new coronavirus cases

In Kerala, the family of the three-year-old boy returned to India from Dubai on March 7. Their point of arrival was in Kochi. Jammu & Kashmir had its first confirmed case ever, and the patient came back from Iran.

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Skipping airport screening has been one of the causes of the spread

The new Uttar Pradesh case has links to six cases from Agra last week. This person is an accountant in the factory where one of the Agra patients also works. The one from Delhi is a contact of the Uttam Nagar patient from last week.

Finally, the Punjab patient is a non-resident Indian who came from Italy. On the person from Murshidabad, West Bengal who died Sunday last week, the Union Ministry found no connections to COVID-19. Therefore, "so far no death has been reported due to the disease in the country." according to the Union HM.

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In the meantime, we have to remember to protect ourselves

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