The coronavirus has spread all over the world and the Internet with all the headlines, information, and of course, 18+ videos are on the list too.

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We have seen many weird trends on PornHub before and now it's time for the coronavirus trend

The coronavirus doesn't have a high death rate but it can spread really fast and mutate into a new type of virus. Knowing this many people, organizations, even celebrities are trying their best to raise the awareness of people about the danger of coronavirus, including one of the biggest 18+ sites in the world, PornHub.

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A couple is kissing while wearing N95 masks to stop coronavirus

Currently, on PornHub, videos with people wearing hazmat suits are currently on-trend now. According to Vice, there are at least 112 videos that are on the site now. Some of them are actually pretty funny, apart from all the sexuality. You can find all kinds of weird stuff that you would never be able to see such as a couple kissing each other while wearing a mask or doing intercourse activities while wearing a sealed suit.

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Safe sex will prevent you from getting STDs and coronavirus

No matter how weird it might seem, it is good to see that people are trying to stop this epidemic and raise the awareness of people in any way possible. Porn is one interesting direction to approach this matter in a comedic way and attract the attention of more people.

Bollywood actors and actresses such as Anushka Sharma, Anupam Kher, and Sunny Leone are also doing their best to avoid being infected by the coronavirus while warning their fans on social media to do basic precautions to protect themselves. Check out our article for more details: Anushka Sharma, Anupam Kher, Sunny Leone: Bollywood Celebrities Warn Fans To Be Cautious Against Coronavirus.