A new reported positive coronavirus case in Telangana traveled to Hyderabad before being tested positive to Covid-19. This 24-year-old techie came in contact with 88 people after returning from Dubai and traveling from Telangana to Hyderabad. According to the latest reports, at least 36 people among them show the symptoms of infection. Update the latest Coronavirus Hyderabad news here with Gurugamer.com.

Corona Virus Hyderabad India

Hyderabad has become a hotspot of coronavirus in India after a new positive case of Covid-19 was reported to travel here on February 22nd. At least 17 co-passengers got on the same bus with this patient.

The health ministry of Telangana said there were 27 people on the bus running from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. 17 passengers out of them boarded and alighted at different bus stops. And the authorities are working hard to identify those people for quarantine and isolation. Most of those passengers get off the bus in Anantapur district.

coronavirus hyderabad
India is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak when many new cases are confirmed

Moreover, the officials also revealed the travel history of this techie patient. According to them, this 24-year-old techie returned to India from Dubai. Before that, he had worked and contacted in close range with some colleagues from Hong Kong. However, the authority didn’t unveil the name of the technology company where he works to avoid making people panic.

The patient came back to Bengaluru on February 20th. He stayed and worked there until leaving for Hyderabad on February 22nd. Then, this techie received treatment at Apollo Hospital after he suffered from cold and fever. Not until the next Sunday, February 28th, he was tested positive with Covid-19.

Coronavirus Hyderabad
36 people of 88 people contacting with 24-year-old techie have shown some symptoms of infection

The health officials are attempting to identify and contact those people who had contact with this patient for observation. If necessary, they will move those suspected people to a quarantine facility.

The Latest Cases Of Coronavirus Hyderabad

Although there has not been any new confirmed Covid-19-positive case in Hyderabad yet, Coronavirus Hyderabad is still a great concern. As reported, at least 88 people have contacted the coronavirus-positive techie. And 36 people of them have shown some symptoms of infection. Those people are isolated and monitored.

The officials of Telangana confirmed that they are still keeping the situation under their control. The government has also prepared many isolation wards and hospitals to treat virus patients. The authorities also canceled Holi programs to focus on dealing with the epidemic.

Coronavirus Hyderabad Cases
So far, there are 28 coronavirus-positive cases in India, including 14 tourists from Italy

As Coronavirus Hyderabad is a rising concern in this country, the Indian government stated that dealing with the epidemic was their priority then. The leader board met and drew many plans. They confirmed that they are ready for the worst scenario. Although there are more suspected cases in Hyderabad, the health officials are working hard to prevent this locality from becoming a new epicenter.

The Latest Coronavirus News In India

Up to 12.51 p.m (IST), there are 28 coronavirus-positive cases in India, including 14 tourists from Italy. As we all know, Italy is a new epicenter and hotspot of the corona outbreak in the world now. Although the Indian government implements travel restrictions, this tourist crew entered India before the restrictions.

The first Italian tourist was tested positive to Covid-19 on Monday, March 2nd. According to the latest reports, there are 14 Covid-19-positive tourists from Italy out of a total number of 28 cases in this country. Those patients are kept in special wards and monitored.

India Deals With Coronavirus
The Indian government is trying to keep the situation under control

Although the number of total confirmed cases has risen to 28 so far, the authorities still advise people not to be panic. They are doing well enough to control the situation. You can also read more about the measures of India in dealing with the epidemic as well as the coronavirus situation in India.

Moreover, 88 suspected cases of Coronavirus Hyderabad are being traced for quarantine and isolation if required. Those people had come in contact with the Covid-19-positive techie in Telangana. The health officials also reported that around 36 people out of them showed some infection symptoms. However, they are not confirmed to infect this deadly virus yet. We still have to wait to see the test result.

Telangana Streets In Coronavirus Outbreak
Telangana Streets In Coronavirus Outbreak

In attempting to quarantine, many measures are being taken. Besides travel restrictions, passengers from hotspots of the epidemic, such as Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Iran, etc. are tested at the Airports. Those who show the symptoms of infection have to stay in special wards for quarantine and isolation. Moreover, the officials also require people to do self-quarantine and take precautions to avoid virus infection.

india coronavirus
Health officials advised people to self-protect and self-quarantine

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