One young software engineer tested positive for the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Bengaluru recently. The most interesting thing is the 24-year-old was not in the typical hotspots for the virus, but Dubai. He went back to India to visit his family and started showing symptoms only after he was back.

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A young man tested positive despite having only stayed in Dubai for a few days

The Hyderabad man was in Dubai for official business starting from February 17. He worked closely with his colleagues from Hong Kong for several days, from whom he likely contracted the dangerous COVID-19.

How is Telangana dealing with coronavirus?

Eetala Rajender, Health Minister of Telangana, confirmed that despite the coronavirus illness, the patient is stable and receiving treatment at Gandhi Hospital. The state hospital is one of the centers for coronavirus testing with its own isolation ward. So far, other tests on suspected cases have come back negative.

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The state is now figuring out how to deal with a potential outbreak

But the first and latest COVID-19 case in the state is putting the health authorities on high alert. Health Minister Rajender had a meeting on Monday to review the situation with officials, and responded to media inquiries.

Rajender explained the situation in further detail: “From Dubai the man flew back to Bengaluru on 20 February and came to Hyderabad on 22 February, where he developed [fever]".

"He took treatment at the Apollo Hospital for a few days and came to Gandhi Hospital only on Sunday evening. A test here found him positive with Coronavirus,” Eetala said.

Telangana's problem could be India's problem

Telangana has since reported the first coronavirus case to the Union Ministry. A statement from the ministry then confirmed the first case in Telangana and the other one in New Delhi. The health department officials in the state are now quarantining and testing those who came in contact with the Hyderabad man.

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Isolation wards in India should be capable of containing the virus, but we don't know

“The youth is from a joint family in Mahendra Hills (Secunderabad). All the people who came in contact with him like his family, the 27 co-passengers who traveled with him on the Bangalore-Hyderabad bus and the over 20 staff of Apollo Secunderabad would be identified, tested for COVID-19 and kept in observation,” said Rajender.

The young patient came in contact with a variety of people. They include flight passengers on the Dubai-Bangalore flight and his co-workers in Bangalore. The State of Karnataka would have to take charge of testing and quarantining these people if necessary.

india coronavirus
It is now India's turn to deal with this new dangerous and unknown virus

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