An Italian actor named Luca Franzese had to ask for help and response on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, after he had been trapped in his house with the body of his deceased sister for 36 hours. The sister died from the novel coronavirus COVID-19 disease. He was in Naples quarantined at his home per the government's decree.

coronavirus italian actor sister
Luca Franzese lost his sister to the coronavirus and his whole family now has it

Luca currently works as a bodybuilder and fitness instructor and was an amateur actor on the TV show 'Gomorrah'. He posted a series of videos asking for the government to help provide dignity to his sister's remains, and for other people to understand the terrible situation in Italy.

His sister, Teresa Franseze, was only 47 when she died at her home, and had a form of epilepsy when she was alive. She developed symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 and tested positive for the virus last week.

Video of the coronavirus tragedy in Italy

One of the videos had Luca emotionally appealing to other people on social media to be aware of how badly things have gotten in Italy. Behind him is his sister's body and the bed that she had been laying on for presumably 36 hours.

In the video, he said: "I am making this video for the good of Italy, for the good of Naples. My sister died last night, probably because of the virus, and I've been waiting for answers since last night." In the video, he also said he had to force medical workers to test her for the coronavirus. Luca did not know his sister had the infection until after his visit.

Luca continued: "I've had to put myself in self-isolation, I might have the virus. To keep my sister alive, I tried to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation and no one cared, no one is calling me".

"We are ruined, Italy has abandoned us," Luca desperately said.

Luca and his deceased sister Teresa
Luca and his deceased sister Teresa

His whole family was in the house when Teresa died, even relatives who are most vulnerable to the disease.

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