The situation of India in the middle of the Coronavirus disease is kind of under control, but that might have changed drastically after Kanika Kapoor brought the virus from England back to our homeland. From the latest report, the singer of Baby Doll has tested positive for the virus!

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 5
Kanika Kapoor is tested positive with Coronavirus

And the horrible thing about that is she has interacted with multiple people as soon as she lands from London - one of the locations where the disaster is occurring in the worst way. To be more specific, the singer has opted to avoid informing Indian authorities about her travel schedule and still went to, not one, but three parties afterward!

Let's have a look with Gurugamer at the specific schedule of Kanika Kapoor in the chronological order below:

Kanika Kapoor positive for Coronavirus, threatened many MPs and MLAs

Reportedly, Kanika Kapoor has just returned to India on March 15. Prior to the flight to India, the singer has been in London for a while and decided to get through the customs process without informing about her schedule in detail.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 4
Kanika Kapoor returned from London - where the Coronavirus disease is running rampant!

Not only that, Kanika Kapoor further proved how reckless she was by attending at least three parties upon landing. One of the most outstanding parties among them is the one in a 5-star hotel in Lucknow with many other elites. Reportedly, the actress Naina Balsaver, the former chief minister Vasundhara Raje, her son - MP Dushyant Singh as well as Dushyant's son and wife.

There are some pictures that the crew captured with Kanika, which you can have a look below:

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 1

After Kanika's test for Covid-19 resulted in positive on Friday, Vasundhara Raje and Dushyant Singh have reported with authorities to self-quarantine themselves at home now. This also led to many other people interacted with Raje and Singh to self-quarantine, including MP Varun Gandhi, MPs Sanjay Singh, Narain Dass Gupta, President Ram Nath Kovind and many more to list. All of them have interacted with Dushyant Singh in some events.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 8
Kanika Kapoor has made Vasundhara Raje and her son - MP potentially the F-1 spreader!

Not only stopping from the MPs, Kanika Kapoor also brought concerns for UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh. Since the minister attended the same parties with Kanika Kapoor, he also had to undergo quarantine himself - who also interacted with many other people in his press conference on Thursday, including at least 3 MLAs, 50 media representatives, and some officials.

After getting her results yesterday, Kanika is now put in isolation now, in King George's Medical University Hospital, Lucknow.

And here are the words from Kanika Kapoor and her father

Since Kanika Kapoor has just received her test result yesterday, this is only the beginning of the worsening trend for the Covid-19 situation in India. And amidst raging fire from the Internet for her reckless, Kanika Kapoor has told India Today about her irresponsible decisions.

To be more specific, the 41-year-old singer claimed that the party that she took part in is not a lavish one, but just a normal family gathering party. Well, after seeing her pictures in the party leaked like this, she might have to rethink her words now. Here's another photo from the party, which could show the Kanika Kapoor how bad her decisions were:

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 2
Another picture for her small 'family gathering' party

Prior to Kanika explaining herself, her father - Rajiv Kapoor has admitted that Kanika has gone through 3 parties in total after landing in India. Through that process, she has interacted with around 350-400 people. If the first one is a small family gathering, then her next two ones are the deadliest for Indian society. At the meantime, Rajiv and his family (6 members) are also under quarantine with his daughter.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 6
Her father admitted that Kanika has attended at least 3 parties

Kanika Kapoor also denied hiding herself to escape the airport customs. Answering India Today's interview, the singer quickly denied that accusation, claiming that she stood behind many people in the testing line, and only two days after her arrival did Kanika received the test. She also expressed that there is no way someone can run from the airport screening, and there's no reason for it either.

Further clarifying, Kanika revealed that she only showed some symptoms of infected, including getting fever, after she returned to India. However, she did acknowledge that she might have transferred the disease to many others in her party, and has stated that she has rang everyone attending the party to keep them announced. Kanika Kapoor rejects giving more details.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 7
Kanika refused to have avoided the airport screening process

So, what we've feared the most has happened to us! With such complicated situations, we highly recommend you staying at home and distance yourself from any unnecessary social interaction. And if you're the attendees of the parties including Kanika Kapoor, please report your situation to the authorities right now to protect yourself and the others.