Coronavirus outbreak has spread out over 73 countries and territories in the world. The number of confirmed cases and affected countries has been continuously and unpredictably increasing. This novel deadly virus has caused thousands of deaths and confirmed cases all over the world. And recently, it’s reported that there are six confirmed coronavirus cases in India out of thousands of suspected cases. Keep updated with the latest coronavirus news with

Coronavirus Latest Update

Since the coronavirus epidemic broke out in Wuhan at the end of last year, it has spread out over the world. According to the latest reports, it has caused around 3,119 death and over 90,000 confirmed cases in 73 countries and territories.

It also reached India. Thousands of suspected coronavirus cases in India have been tested. Six positive cases of coronavirus India were confirmed and isolated. Three of them, coming from Kerala, recovered and were recharged but they have been home-quarantined for further health tracking.

Coronavirus India
Coronavirus Has Reached India's Capital New Delhi And Another State. Three New Confirmed Cases Were Reported.

Three other positive cases of coronavirus India have been reported on Monday, including an Italian tourist. Three of them are receiving medical treatments and health monitoring in isolation wards. Check out these cases here.

The three recent positive coronavirus cases in India provoked alarm to India authorities, especially when the epidemic is developing unpredictably. Moreover, India has a strong relationship with China, the biggest epicenter now, in many aspects, including the geographical one. So, Indian authorities have to take instant steps to prevent the outbreak of this deadly epidemic before it becomes out of control.

coronavirus india threat
Indian authorities have taken instant steps to prevent the outbreak of this deadly epidemic

Who Are Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In India?

Three first confirmed cases of coronavirus India are in Kelara, India. All of them are an oversea student returning from Wuhan. After testing, these three students were kept in isolation wards to get the necessary medical treatments. Then, their condition got stable. These three positive cases, from Kanhangad, Thrissur and Alapuzha districts in Kelara, were recharged for home quarantine.

However, there are three new positive coronavirus cases in India reported earlier this week. Two new cases were reported on Monday, one man in New Delhi, and one in Telangana. The new case in the capital is a man returning from his travel to Italy, a new epicenter in the world with over 1,600 confirmed cases. The authorities also required the crew in the same Vienna-Delhi flight on February 25th with this man to self-isolate at home for at least 14 days.

Coronavirus India Measures
The health officers have been testing for over 3,222 people in India

Another confirmed case in Telangana made the Indian authorities surprised about his infection. He is a software engineer coming back from Dubai, not a spot of coronavirus outbreak. So, the question is how he could get the novel virus Covid-19.

It turned out that the virus was possibly from his colleague from Hong Kong. He worked and had close contact with them for several days before being tested positive with this deadly virus. Especially, this man contacted with about 80 people who are also monitored now. These two cases are monitored in the isolation wards for health tracking. Fortunately, their conditions are still stable now.

Coronavirus Prevention
Coronavirus Health Office Meet To Draw Plans To Get Ready For The Worst Scenario

And the latest case of coronavirus India was reported today. He is an Italian tourist, 69, who traveled from Udaipur to Rajasthan with his tourist crew. They stayed at the Ramada Hotel for a night where the patient showing breathless symptoms. Then, he was confirmed positive with Covid-19 at the second test.

Today, March 4th, a crew of 17 co-passengers in the bus with Telangana patients are monitored. The health officials are taking steps to isolate and identify the situation of these people. Up to now, there are 28 positive coronavirus cases in India, including 14 Italian tourists.

Which Measures Does India Take To Control Coronavirus Outbreak Affect India?

In the coronavirus scare, a famous school in Sector 136 of Noida was closed. It’s due to the father of a student in Class 6 of this school was confirmed to infect the deadly coronavirus India. So, the chairman decided to close this school on Tuesday for fumigation and other prevention methods. Moreover, health officials also collected samples of two students in this school for testing. The family members of this patient are quarantined, too.

Coronavirus India Prevention
The Indian government is canceling visas for tourist from China, Japan, and South Korea to prevent the epidemic spread

In addition, Indian authority also required the flight crew who went with the infected man from Vienna, Italy to self-isolate. They are required to stay home for isolation and quarantine for at least 14 days. It is to assure there will be no more coronavirus cases in India. Besides, the health officers have been testing for over 3,222 people in order to find out the positive case on time for isolation and treatments. They are trying their best to prevent the spread of the deadly epidemic.

Moreover, they also bring the citizens the coronavirus latest update as well as prevention methods to protect themselves from Covid-19. People can reach the latest news about the epidemic through means of social media. The Prime Minister of India stated that they are ready to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic. The authorities confirmed that they drew many plans to prepare for the worst scenario.

Coronavirus India
The Indian government is doing essential things to control the epidemic and prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 in this country.

India has also taken many protection measures, such as canceling visas for tourists from China, Japan, and South Korea. They also do testing and quarantining in all airports across the country. Travel restriction is also applied to prevent coronavirus infection and spread.

How to Prevent Infection of Coronavirus India?

All six confirmed coronavirus cases in India are people from epicenters or contacting with people from epicenters. So, the first thing you must do is avoiding crowded places. Besides, don't contact people returning from spots of the epidemic, if unnecessary. Some big epicenters now are China, South Korea, Japan, and Italy

Next, follow the instruction of authorities on how to protect you from Covid-19. Those methods sound simple but really effective. You should wash your hand regularly with soap or anti-virus liquid, especially after touching public surfaces. Then, wear a mask when going out or contacting other people in close range. Next, never use your hands to touch your mouth, eyes, noses because the virus can penetrate your body.

Coronavirus India Prevent
A school was closed to prevent the infection spread among students

Besides, you need to clean your house, clothes, and facilities regularly and when returning home from public places. Cleaning your smartphone other devices is also important. Experts said that the Covid-19 virus can live on your phone screen for 96 hours. How scary it is!

Moreover, you should consume healthy diets with beef, vegetables, and fruits to improve your immunity. Consuming more vitamins in this time of epidemic is very important. If you don’t want to be the next coronavirus cases in India, have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It helps you keep your immune system in the best condition to stay away from this deadly virus.

India Coronavirus Prevent
Indian people also prevent the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic

When having respiratory symptoms and fever, you had better go to the hospital for a health check and testing. The earlier the virus is detected, the earlier you recover from it. Moreover, the experts advise you to try to avoid getting a cold. It’s because when your immune system gets weaker, you are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

In addition, you should follow and keep track of the coronavirus latest update to know where the epidemic is. It’s also a good prevention method. Knowing the epidemic is also vital to prevent it. You can watch TV news, read online newspapers, or subscribe to get the latest coronavirus news on our website. We also gave you many essential coronavirus prevention methods in

Suspected And Confirmed Cases Are Kept In Isolatio
Suspected and Confirmed Cases Are Kept In Isolation Wards Across The Country

How Does Coronavirus Outbreak Impact On India?

This dangerous global epidemic has impacted India’s trade with China. Many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, auto parts, mobiles, and electronics are affected in this deadly epidemic. Especially, it may lead to many economic declines as China is the biggest commercial partner in India. Moreover, travel restrictions also affected the tourism industry of this country.

However, the Health Minister of India, Harsh Vardhan, advised people to keep calm and do protection methods. If someone has Covid-19 infection symptoms, you can call the hotline of the Government for help. Now, the Indian government is taking essential steps to protect its citizens from this epidemic and keep it controlled.

India Implemented Travel Restriction
India Implemented Travel Restriction To Prevent The Epidemic Outbreak

Those are the latest news about coronavirus India as well as the information about coronavirus cases in India. In general, the Indian government is doing essential things to control the epidemic and prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 in this country. Everything Indian people need to do is self-protection and following the Government’s instructions. You shouldn't be panic but you need to take precaution and protect yourselves from Covid-19.

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