Coronavirus outbreak has been developing widely and uncontrollably across the world with 4,71,035 cases and 21,283 deaths. Noticing the threats from this pandemic, the Indian government has taken action in preventing the spread of coronavirus and put the situation under control. Lockdown is one of those measures in attempting to prevent coronavirus outbreak. 

Coronavirus Qa
Coronavirus Q&A

Besides, you need to know and understand well about the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. Here are the top 30 most-asked questions about lockdown and coronavirus. Check out the experts’ answers here.

Q&A About Coronavirus Outbreak And Lockdown India

1. Can I go out for cash withdrawal at the ATM?

  • Yes, but you need to go individually and avoid the crowd.

2. Can I go out for a walk and exercise in the morning?

  • Yes, but not in a group.

3. Can I go to the park in my neighborhood for a walk in the morning?

  • No. You should stay at home and avoid crowded places like parks. Under this circumstance, you should stay away from outdoor activities. But if you wish to go out to change the air, you can find a short time when no one goes out to take a quick stroll.

City Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
City Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

4. Will the police arrest me if I get out of my house?

  • No. But people should stay at home.

5. Can I book Ola or Uber to reach the airport?

  • Yes. But unless there is an urgent case, the authorities advise you to avoid traveling.

6. Is it safe to use elevators in high-end buildings?

  • Yes, but you need to ensure proper hand and respiratory hygiene. You should wear a face mask and disposable gloves to keep you safe and stay away from viruses on the buttons.

7. Can I leave my city or state?

  • Many cities and states are locked down and only emergency cases and essential services are allowed to enter or get out. So, unless you have an emergent case, stay home.

City Entries Are Restricted
City Entries Are Restricted

8. Am I punished if I don't obey the lockdown regulation?

  • You should follow all lockdown advisories seriously. If you break it and do somethings that the police think it will endanger people's lives and disrupt the rule, you will be punished.

9. When will the lockdown finish?

  • Most of the states across the country issued lockdown guidelines until the end of this month, March 31st. However, the lockdown for some certain services lasts till mid-April.

10. Can I step out?

  • You shouldn't. Only for necessary needs should you go out. People should stay home and avoid public places and public transport.

11. Are the mail services and internet suspended?

  • No. You can still use courier services and the internet as normal. These essential services still function as usual.

12. Do banking services still function?

  • Yes. You can still use banking services such as cash withdrawal. Banking is an essential service.

People Are Advised To Stay Home
People Are Advised To Stay Home

13. Can I go shopping online?

  • Yes. You can buy essential things online, such as food, medical and pharmaceutical equipment online.

14. What can I do if I need to go to a pharmacy for medicines?

  • You can step out to buy medicines if you need to. All pharmacies still function as normal in case people need medicines for illness treatment at home.

15. Do the hospitals still open?

  • Yes. All hospitals operate as normal.

16. Do local grocery stores open?

  • Yes. All grocery stores selling food and necessities, such as milk, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bakery goods, etc. still function to serve citizens.

Grocery Stores Still Open But People Should Keep S
Grocery stores still open but people should keep a safe distance

17. Do petrol stations still operate?

  • Yes. All petrol stations and LPG/OIL agencies are issued to open to serve customers.

18. Can I travel to another city with my own car?

  • No. Most cities are shut down. The entries are restricted to ensure safety.

19. Will isolation help prevent and fight coronavirus totally?

  • Yes. If you and people around you have not got an infection, isolation will definitely keep you safe from coronavirus. And if you have en exposed to Covid-19, you should follow self-quarantine instructions to keep other people safe.

20. Do I need to store essential things?

  • No. Don't stock items. You can buy them from stores and marts. Son, you don't need to be panic and store things.

21. Is it safe to go to hospitals?

  • It's not totally safe to go to the hospital right now. Especially, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are more vulnerable to coronavirus. However, in case you have to go to see your doctor for screening, dialysis, or health check, you need to inform the healthcare official beforehand and wear a mask. In addition, make sure that you keep safe distances with people around you.

Avoid Public Place To Avoid Coronavirus Exposing
Avoid Public Places To Avoid Coronavirus Exposing

22. Should I go to a hospital or do home-quarantine?

  • If you have any respiratory symptoms like flu, consult a local doctor or private doctor first. Don't head to the big hospital right away because you can get the infection easier when your immunity is weak.

23. Will the police stop me in my car when I drive out for essential items?

  • No. Noone will stop you from going out to buy essential things. Besides, all essential services like grocery stores, pharmacies, chemists, etc. still operate.

24. Can I drive my car out to pick up someone stranding somewhere?

  • Yes. You are allowed to drive your car to pick up others but not outside the city border. The cities are locked down.

25. Are hospitals authorized to prevent people from entering?

  • You can ask the healthcare provider because it's various in different clinics and hospitals. However, as mentioned, you should stay away from the hospital unless an emergency.

26. Are auto-rickshaws let on the roads?

  • Yes, as long as the drivers agree to ferry you.

27. Can I visit the elderly in my neighborhood who lives alone?

  • You'd better talk with them via video calls. It's because the elderly are more vulnerable to the infection. So, you can put them at risk if you have some coronavirus sticking on your clothes and enter their houses.

India Coronavirus Lockdown
India Coronavirus Lockdown Will Last Till The End Of This Month

28. Can alcohol kill coronavirus?

  • Yes, but not but drinking. You can use alcohol as a house and hand sanitizers to kill germs and coronavirus on surfaces around your houses. Or else, you can also use it as hand sanitizers. However, once the viruses have entered your body, drinking alcohol doesn't help.

29. Does steam cleaning kill coronavirus?

  • Yes. Steam cleaning is an effective and safe way to kill coronavirus on some surfaces like cloth, sofas, bathroom surfaces, floors, etc.

30. Does cow urine kill coronavirus?

  • No. Scientists said that there was no evidence mentioning about the effectiveness of cow urine in fighting coronavirus. So, you'd better do necessary hygiene, follow quarantine instructions of the government, and do not try any traditional measures.