In America, some hospitals are having such severe shortages in safety gear that some nurses are having to wear trash bags while fighting the coronavirus. The death of an assistant nurse manager from COVID-19 was already blamed on poor equipment.

There is a photo going around social media that shows three nurses, who work at Mount Sinai West Hospital posing in their black plastic trash bags that now function as personal protective equipment.

Using Trash Bags for Gowns: Interview with a New York Nurse coronavirus
Nurses in a large NY hospital are wearing trash bags instead of proper PPE

One of the nurses holds up a box of Hefty garbage bags that are being used as protective equipment. It's this lack of basic supplies that caused the death of a nurse manager named Kious Kelly, who tested positive for the new coronavirus a few weeks ago.

Nurses dying from coronavirus because of lack of equipment

Kelly was 48 when he died, and was admitted to the Mount Sinai Hospital on the Upper East Side on March 17 and he died two days later. One of the nurses said: “Kious didn’t deserve this. The hospital should be held responsible. The hospital killed him.”

coronavirus Kious Kelly
This young nurse manager unfortunately died from coronavirus

Another nurse pointed out “issues with supplies for about a year now,” which it got “to the point where we had to hide our own supplies and go to other units looking for stuff because even the supply room would have nothing most of the time.”

“But when we started getting COVID patients, it became critical,” said the nurse. “We had to reuse our masks, gowns and the [face] shield. We were told, ‘You get one for the entire time until this is over.’”

Nurse's Death Blamed On Severe Shortages | Coronavirus Latest ...
The shortages are to blame for health workers dying

Another nurse described Kelly as “a brother to me.” and that “we are broken.” The Mount Sinai Hospital said of Kelly’s death, “We are deeply saddened by the passing of a beloved member of our nursing staff.”

“This growing crisis has already devastated hundreds of families and turned our frontline professionals into true American heroes. Today, we lost another hero — a compassionate colleague, friend and selfless caregiver.”

Kashish Das Shrestha on Twitter:
'Treated like trash' is an appropriate title for how health workers are treated

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