The spokesperson of Clarence House announced that Charles Prince was tested positive to Coronavirus. He showed some moderate symptoms of coronavirus infection but still remained in good health condition. The Crown Prince of the British Royal Family is still working as usual at home these days. 

He, as a son of British Queen, was chosen as the heir to the Throne of Britain. But now, it's shocking news to the Britains when he was tested positive to the novel Coronavirus, SAR-CoV-2. Moreover, the reputable press agency of this country also reported that The Queen last met him on March 12th. It left lots of British citizens worried. 

Prince Charles of the British Royal Family Tested Positive To Covid-19

Prince Charles is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. He is 71 years old. According to the spokesperson of Clarence House, Prince Charles’s wife, Lady Camilla, Cornwall Duchess, is also carrying out home-quarantine in Scotland. 

The spokesman revealed that Prince Charles had joined many parties and meetings recently. Therefore, they haven’t determined the source of infection spreading coronavirus to Prince. 

According to Reuters, Queen Elizabeth II met her son on March 12th. And doctors thought Prince Charles might get coronavirus infection the day after, on March 13th, after his last meeting with his mother.

Prince Charles Throne Heir
Prince Charles is the first grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI, and the heir to Throne

Another press in England, the Sky News reported that the last time Prince Charles appeared in front of the public was at a night party on March 12th. The meeting and party were to support Australia to recover from the BushFire Disaster. This event took place in Mansion House, London, Britain.

Before joining that event, Prince Charles also joined an Investiture Ceremony in Buckingham Palace. However, he only welcomed the honored but did not come to close contact due to coronavirus fear. 

Prince Charles Coronavirus Positive
The authorities haven't determined the source of infection as the Prince joined several events these weeks

The Sky News journalist, Rhiannon Mills also reported that all people coming in contact with Prince Charles were investigated to test. Other Royal Family members are doing self-isolation and health checks to ensure safety. In addition, Queen Elizabeth II is still in good health condition and shows no sign of infection after brief contact with him.

However, all English presses are reporting that Prince Charles only shows moderate infection symptoms like coughing. Moreover, he still works from home in Buckingham Palace during isolation and remains in good health.

He Said No To Handshake Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
He Said No To Handshake Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Crown Prince Charles of the British Royal Family

Prince Charles is the first grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI. He was chosen to inherit the Throne after the Queen retired. Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales, will inherit the Throne of the United Kingdom, North Ireland, and 16 other regions of the Commonwealth of Nations. 

He has two sons with the late Lady Diana, his first wife. They are Prince Harry and Prince William. 

Prince Charles
He still remains in good health and receives treatments at home in Buckingham Palace

Recently, Prince Harry announced to leave the Royal Family with his wife, the young Lady Meghan Markle. It’s likely that this news made Prince Charles, his father, worried and upset a lot. It has been shaking the internet these days. 

Prince Charles And Two Sons
The Crown Prince has two sons: Prince William and Prince Harry

Moreover, Fox News also reported that Prince Harry and his wife are carrying out self-isolation at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. During this home-quarantine time, the Lady Meghan Markle keep contacting with friends via video calls. The authorities and these influencers also warn people to stay home and take precautions to stop this pandemic.