Europe is the region where the Coronavirus outbreak is happening the worst, with increasing cases recorded day by day. Recently, we've announced you about the heir prince of England to become the first royal member to test positive for Coronavirus, and this time, it's the Princess of Spain - Maria Teresa of the Bourbon-Parma royal family.

Unfortunately, at the age of 86, the Princess couldn't manage to recover from the deadly disease and has passed away last weekend. That's sad news for not only the Spanish but also for the entire world, which reminds us of how dangerous Coronavirus is, especially for the elders.

Coronavirus Spanish Princes First Royal Member Die

While sharing condolence for the Spain's royal family, let's have a look at the details with this case with us below:

Spanish Princess Maria Teresa is the first royal member to die from Coronavirus

Princess Maria Teresa is a member of the Bourbon-Parma royal family of Spain. She was born to her parents - Prince Xavier and Madeleine de Bourbon in 1933, and has enjoyed her 86th year old with many praises from the Spanish and the world before she passed away because of Coronavirus on March 27, 2020. Her brother, Prince Sixtus Henry announced the sad news last weekend.

Coronavirus Spanish Princes First Royal Member Die
That's a huge loss for her family and for Spain

Being the cousin of King of Spain - Felipe VI, Princess Maria Teresa is known to people as the woman with high education level and always fights for the rights of women. She worked as a professor of Paris' Sorbonne, and also a Sociology professor of the Complutense University in Madrid. With her dedication to promoting the standing of women, she was hailed by her people as the 'Red Princess'.

Coronavirus Spanish Princes First Royal Member Die
The Spanished titled her the 'Red Queen' for her contribution to women's rights

Her death is a huge loss for the world, which again keeps us aware of the danger Coronavirus pose to the elder. While the youngster can still fight with the disease with medical help and completely recover afterward, the elder has a higher chance to pass away from it since their immune system and overall health doesn't allow them to tolerate the impact of the virus.

Previously, Prince Charles of England was diagnosed positive to Coronavirus. This case came not long after the Indian singer Kanika Kapoor returned and brought the virus to her hometown with her reckless action, which triggered Indian netizens criticism. They even found the old picture of when Prince Charles met Kanika in London, which soon turned into a meme.

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
These old pictures are used to mock Kanika Kapoor

On the other hand, the United States has passed China to become the country with the most recorded infected case, with Italia right behind the two. In the middle of this unprecedented situation, Indian government has introduced a 21-day total lockdown, and anyone tries to sneak out of their house will be severely punished (such as public works, doing specific practices for better health, etc.)

Gurugamer will keep you updated with the latest news regarding Coronavirus in India and around the world. And now, all we need to do to help the case is to stay strong, and stay inside with us!