The Italian football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that one of the players and teammates of Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniele Rugani, tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Rugani is one of Juventus's main defenders and has made the Italian national line-up 7 times. He's the first player of the Italian Serie A to have contracted the disease.

cristiano ronaldo rugani coronavirus
CR7's teammate Rugani (right) has the coronavirus COVID-19

Juventus announced what just happened on their website and social media platforms. They said Rugani and "those who have had contact with him” will be in isolation. The club also made it clear that Rugani is asymptomatic, as in not showing typical coronavirus symptoms.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo at risk for coronavirus?

The team had a training session on the same day as the announcement but has not confirmed if Rugani was there also. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was in Portugal and will be staying there “pending developments related to the current health emergency”. He was in his native country to visit his mother, who had a stroke last week.

cr7 rugani coronavirus
CR7 is currently in Portugal and won't be returning to Italy for a while

After Juventus made their announcement, football club Inter Milan released their own statement. Inter said that they had decided to suspend "all competitive activities" for now. Inter is also "currently taking steps to put all the necessary procedures into place". This means the players and staff will go into self-isolation.

The whole country of Italy is currently under lockdown, and all sporting activities, including football, are suspended until April 3. But Juventus is still scheduled to play French club Olympique Lyon at home next Tuesday. The match will happen behind closed doors.

juventus closed doors coronavirus
Many recent football matches have had no audience for weeks

Even the Juventus U-23 squad had to self-quarantine after a player from the opposing team contracted the virus. The self-quarantine ended on March 9 and none of the players showed any symptoms.

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