After Russia successfully finished the human trials of the coronavirus vaccine, the U.S scientist also made good news amid the health crisis. According to the US-based biotech firm Moderna Inc, the first stage experiment of the coronavirus vaccine showed promising results as 45 volunteers provoked immune responses to the virus after being injected with the vaccine.

coronavirus testing
The US scientist successfully completed phrase 1 of coronavirus testing

According to a trusted source, the group of volunteers who were injected with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine generated the same amount of virus-killing antibodies as those who recovered from coronavirus. Although none of them showed serious side effects, the vaccine is likely to bring along mild reactions like headaches, muscle pains, or chills. These symptoms were most experienced when they got the second dose.

In fact, the biotech firm has received a billion dollars investment from the government to develop a coronavirus vaccine and was one of the first companies in the world to conduct large-scale coronavirus testing on humans.

coronavirus testing
The vaccine has been tested of the group of 45 volunteers and showed promising results

Although the result of coronavirus testing is promising, the company will have to continue the human trials with phase 2 and 3. It means that it takes more time for any coronavirus vaccine to be commercially available on the market. However, it’s still a good first step and we have reason to believe that there will be a way to flatten the curves of the coronavirus crisis.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus vaccine developed by a group of Russian scientists became the first vaccine to successfully be tested on the human body. However, further information about when it will be taken into commercial production is yet to be revealed.

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coronavirus testing
Scientist around the world are gearing up for developing a vaccine for coronavirus fight

On July 15, the number of coronavirus positives all over the world was more than 1,3 crore cases with 5,8 lakh deaths. The US remains the top position of most-affected countries with 35,45,692 cases, followed by Brazil with 19,31,204 and India with 9,37,844 cases.

Among Indian people who contracted the novel virus, there are many high-profile and famous people like Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, his son and daughter in law, check out the list of Indian And Bollywood Actors Tested Positive To Coronavirus So Far

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