US television network CNBC recently interviewed a vaccine researcher at a White House meeting, and it's not good news. Dr. John Shiver, senior vice president of global vaccine research and development of Sanofi Pasteur, is not confident a vaccine for the coronavirus will be out soon.

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The vaccines most likely won't be available this year

Sanofi Pasteur is the vaccines business unit of Sanofi, a French pharmaceutical company. They are currently working with the US Department of Health and Human Services to work on a COVID-19 vaccine.

“We think there are good tools and approaches at hand that will find success, but we should not be too overconfident that this can happen quickly,” said Shiver.

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We must be accustomed to seeing this everywhere for a while

It's a disappointing turn of events after news reports saying a possible vaccine is coming. But the reality of making a vaccine is quite complex. The first human trials wouldn't start in five to six weeks. Even if health authorities and drugmakers in the US have been quickly developing possible coronavirus vaccines.

How long does it take to make a vaccine for the coronavirus, exactly?

Meanwhile, a therapeutic, something to treat those who are already sick, would be available before a vaccine. But according to Shiver, a therapeutic taking less time to make means "months or a very short amount of time, a year or so". This dashes any hope of a vaccine coming out this year that can undergo mass-production for all of us.

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Other treatments will be available sooner, but might not even come out this year

Fortunately, Dr. Shiver also said that different vaccine production techniques like those used by Moderna Therapeutics could speed up the process. He said it's great that pharma companies so far have shown "a spirit of [cooperation] and collegiality”.

But once again, it's important to remind ourselves that vaccine production would take a long time regardless. Shiver said he would like to see his vaccine in the clinic "within a year or so and hopefully move quickly into development past that towards a product". All these steps tell us that a vaccine won't be out to counter the coronavirus this year!

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It looks like we will have to live with this virus for quite some time!

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