Being one of the most viral internet sensations back to 2020, Corpse Husband still remains his popularity and makes headlines every now and then. The no-face streamer and Youtuber who created a stir on cyberspace for his spooky voice are recently vocal about why people should stop using his image for sexual content. Find out the full details below.

Corpse husband
Just like other popular streamers and influencer, Corpse Husband's image is used for sexual fan fictions and the streamer is definitely unhappy with it

While the secret and mystery charisma of Corpse Husband is the main reason for his reputation, he is also a huge source of inspiration for many wild and bold fan-fictions. The narration describes him as a mystery and seductive boyfriend and many of them are all about making readers kinky. In the comment sections, many readers expressed how much they want to call him “daddy” or seeing him moan. 

Corpse Husband reacts to people calling him 'Daddy' and ask him to moan

While the idea of romancing a faceless lover is preferred by so many female readers, it seems like the streamer, on the other hand, does not feel comfortable with it. In fact, Corpse Husband took it as a serious request asking people to stop sexualizing his image. According to the steamer, he felt offended when people kept calling him “daddy”. However, he also revealed that he started to embrace it and does not feel bothered anymore. 

However, Husband remains consistent that nobody should ask him to moan. Taking an example of a female streamer who received the same request, the no-face streamer indicated that it can be considered sexual harassment. In fact, the streamer gained huge supports from his followers and counterparts. They agreed that the streamer should be respected and it's never been a good idea for taking the game too far.

Fame and reputation might give you a lot of privilege but it also brings along a lot of troubles. Although famous streamers are no stranger to people sexualizing their image or asking bizarre requests, to a guy whose identity and privacy is the no.1 priority, you can imagine how embarrassed and uncomfy he would be upon receiving these kinky demands.

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