While the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t shown any sign to end up, Iori Moe, as well as many other cosers, has looked for other works due to the cancellation of comic exhibitions. The cute coser now goes live stream on YouTube and works as an endorser of a gaming chair.

Iori Gaming Chair
The cutie coser Iori has become an endorser of a gaming chair.

As a coser from Japan, Iori Moe has drawn huge attention from the netizens not only in Japan but also in China. She is a familiar face of many events relating to games and animes and the gaming community always gets impressed by her eye-catching cosplay costumes.

Iori Sunshine
She enjoys playing games on a comfortable chair.

In spite of her limited height, Iori Moe has a beautiful face and a sexy body - two main factors that help her easily transform into characters in games. She is especially well-known for performing cutie and lovely Lolita girls.

At present, Iori Moe manages to attract a large number of fans on her own Twitter and fan page. According to the gaming community, her beauty has become purer and more stunning over time. Her pics without makeup can definitely make any gamer fall in love for the very first sight.

She has gained interest from lots of fans in Japan and China.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the latest photos of beautiful coser Iori Moe as an endorser of a gaming chair. What can be greater than enjoying your favorite games on an extremely comfortable gaming chair? Especially when you want to know how your cosplay goddess feels as sitting on this chair.

Iori Chair
Let's admire the moments she experienced with this chair.

Iori Cute

Iori Game

Iori Games

Iori Headphone

Iori Play Game

Iori Sleep

Iori Stunning

Iori Sunshine

Iori Test Chair

Iori Black
And here are some other pics of her.
Iori Moe Cosplay Yuna
She plays the role of Yuna in Final Fantasy.

Iori Moe Student

Iori White
Many easily fall in love with her cutie face for the first sight.

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