Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown has been applied in many countries in the whole world. People are urged to self-isolate at home as a simple and helpful measure to protect themselves from the deadly virus. However, how to eliminate boredom has become a common issue of most home-bound people.

The lucky mom and the gold coin.

Many choose to play games such as PUBG Mobile or to watch movies, but this mom liked to use a metal detector to search for something interesting in her back garden.

Her name is Amanda Johnston. The 48-year-old mom is now living with two sons, 23YO Bradley and 11YO George in the Moneyfields, Portsmouth. The social distancing has driven her crazy and all things she wanted that time were just looking for something to kill free time.

In the beginning, she tried to find nails but it didn’t seem enough attractive. And the sound of the metal detector rapidly caught her attention. The detector was a present George received in a Christmas; however, the boy no longer loved it like he used to.

The journey of treasure hunting.

Before the luck smiled to Amanda, she had hunted treasure as a new interesting game on the beach. And then, her next target moved to her newly-cleaned garden. How surprised it was! She accidentally found a gold coin which was believed to be 500 years old. It turned out to be a Henry VII Fine Gold Angel coin with the 5-gram weight and the 29-mm dimension. More surprisingly, it was worth at least Rs 2.4 lakh (about £2,500).

Now, the big issue of the single mom is that she doesn’t know what to do with this precious coin. She wants to keep it as a souvenir, of course, but she is also considering selling the old coin.

If the COVID-19 still keeps going on, it is likely that many people will try to dig their garden up to look for “something interesting” like Amanda. At least, they can enjoy the self-isolating time.

She must be amongst the luckiest people during the pandemic season.