December 2018 was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) month. After major updates from Valve – the developer of CS:GO – at the beginning of December 2018, this game has become the most viewed game on Twitch in the month.

As we have reported, in December 2018 Valve turned CS:GO into a free-to-play game and added a totally new battle royale mode (named Danger Zone) to the game. At first, there were a lot of complaints for Valve regarding these changes, but eventually, Valve proved that these updates worked out more than fine. Besides gaining numerous new players as well as players from other famous online game, CS:GO also became the game with most viewing hours on Twitch: 7.9 million live hours watched by the viewer, as Newzoo – a gaming research company – said in their report.

Also according to that report, although CS:GO got the number one spot, the game only won over DOTA2 very slightly. DOTA2 was the most viewed game on Twitch in November 2018.
There are 2 factors contributing into this result. The first factor was the ESL Pro League Season 8. This championship took place on December 4th to December 8th, which has certainly lured a lot of gamers to watch it on Twitch. Nevertheless, the main factor contributing into this victory of Valve was the fact that many streamers and pro players tried the new battle royale mode in the game, thus drew a lot of fans of these streamers and pro player watching them. Plus, the game has been free-to-play since the release of the updates, so it’s even more popular than ever before.

Csgo 0
New battle royale mode of CS:GO is attracting lots of players and viewers.

Despite this victory, Valve needs to keep their feet on the ground since they only took the number one spot with a very close result over DOTA2. Plus, that is Twitch only. In Youtube, League of Legends is still the dominating game with 3 million live hours watched from players – 1.9 million more than the second game Arena of Valor – stated in the report also.

Newzoo Top Games Twitch Esports Hours December 201
The report by Newzoo.

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