The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously changed almost all of the aspects in our life, from work to daily activities. The story of the following guy must not be the only case but it is enough for us to see how the Coronavirus has affected us.

The COVID-19 doesn't just affect our health but it also messes up with our happiness.

COVID-19 doesn't just affect our health but it also messes up with our happiness. Sonu Kumar Chauhan almost became the happiest guy in the world on April 15 because that day was his marriage as planned. Along with 03 friends, the guy at the age of 24 cycled continuously for about a week to reach for his own wedding. 850 km was the distance he crossed before approaching a quarantine center last Sunday.

Sadly, Pipra Rasulpur, Maharajganj - his hometown was still more than 100 km away.

It was obvious that in fear of the COVID-19 spread, the government had to issue a lockdown, and traveling by public transport was not feasible. That’s why Chauhan and his friends had to cycle to come home.

Even when a wedding takes place, both groom and bride have to wear masks.

Chauhan’s wedding might have taken place if the authorities didn’t catch the groom when he just entered the quarantine center.

Chauhan shared his story with PTI and revealed that although he begged the authorities to keep going to conduct his marriage plan, he also didn’t gain permission. But he rapidly said further that during the pandemic, the most noticeable thing must be health and he is willing to organize his wedding later.

According to Devranjan Verma, the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, Chauhan, as well as his three friends, was ordered to end his journey when he appeared in the district. Right after that, all of the four people were moved to a quarantine center.

In case Chauhan and his friends don’t show any sign of virus infection after 14 days of isolation, they can come home as they wish.

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