The Local, a Danish website featuring English, has reported that there will be a partnership between Danish Defence (the official Danish armed forces) and team Astralis – the best professional CS:GO esports team in the world at the moment.

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Some say Astralis is not letting other CS:GO pro teams play CS:GO

The idea of this partnership is that Danish Defence sees the potential of great soldiers from top pro gamers, especially from pro players of CS:GO – a classic first-person shooting (FPS) game. Luckily for it, the best professional CS:GO team in the world right now is Astralis – a Danish team.

Danish Defence has conducted some tests with Astralis’ players – who are all Danish themselves – at some aspects and then brought those results into the comparison with the results of regular people doing the exact same test. Reaction time, building a mental image and acting upon it, and memory were all parts of the tests.

And the results of the comparisons are not surprising at all: the professional players are far better than the average people. And perhaps this is mainly the reason why Danish Defence is considering a recruitment form mainly focused on pro gamers.

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Winning esports tournaments takes skills

The report from The Local also says that Danish Defence’s ambition is not just that. This army will likely found a partnership with Esport Danmark, the national federation for esports in Denmark with the goal to make Denmark “one of the world’s leading countries in the field of esports”. Established in 2007, this association is one of the co-founders and currently a member of the International Esport Federation (IeSF). If this partnership comes to reality, a lot of gamers from other games will have the chance for the Danish Defence, not just CS:GO players.

This is not the first time we see a national army force having partnership and involvement with the esports industry. In July 2018 the U.S. Air Force had some sponsorships for the CS:GO team of the North American esports organization Cloud9. It is clear that a pro gamer has a lot of better qualities than a normal citizen, and perhaps those qualities are suitable for the army in the future.

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Perhaps we will get to see retired pro gamers becoming soldiers