After the news on the purchasing of Walt Disney over the 21st Century Fox was out, Dark Phoenix seems to be one of the most noteworthy films from the production company since this could be the final installment of the film which made the comic superhero movie a boom. Dark Phoenix not only sets an end to the Charles Xavier’s heroes but only brings us to the most quarrelsome and complicated period of the X-Men saga.

Compared to the iconic X-Men saga from the Byrne/Claremont era, Dark Phoenix is quite pale since most core hallmarks in the source films don’t appear in this latest picture. Things like the relationship between Jean Grey and Phoenix Force or the massive scale of the shared power disappear completely. For some X-Men fans, the changes may be disappointing at some points, however, this is still understandable as the X-Men universe hasn’t been extensive enough to have room for every moving part in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

X Men Characters And Distributed By Walt Disney
Dark Phoenix is a superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox, based on the Marvel Comics about X-Men characters, and distributed by Walt Disney

This film has its feet intentionally on the ground just like the previous episode X-Men: The Last Stand. However, Dark Phoenix does introduce an X-Men incarnation which gives us the same feeling as typical superhero characters we have been familiar with.

In Dark Phoenix, audiences get to see the X-Men team in the early 1990s before the story goes into the plot where Jean (starred by Sophie Turner) turns heel. The whole team then is quite popular and become proper celebrities because of their well publicized acts of heroism. While previous X-Men films usually settle the story where heroes are on the edge of society, being misunderstood by mutants, Dark Phoenix is making it different by choosing the time when Xavier (starred by James McAvoy) began to accomplish the dream of normalizing the existence of mutants. Xavier is asked by the Commander-in-Chief to help rescue a shuttle with full of astronauts which is about to collapse with an oncoming solar flare after NASA reports this issue to the President of the United States.

The film shows a change in Mystique’s mind after she witnesses the accident happens to her teammate

Since Dark Phoenix takes advantage of blown up world building, X-Men missions don’t have to be in secret as before when they can be the center of everything with media attention and public inspiration. There is a scene where the X-Men team go into space in a Blackbird jet, everybody in the world is watching them with fascinated attention. And Dark Phoenix was just like every other X-Men movie you have seen when there is a bunch of crackpots trying to do the impossible things to save the jeopardous astronauts from death.

Then a sudden incident comes in the film as Jean was left out in the space by an odd accident. She has to come in contact with the solar flare in the vacuum of space and all the X-Men team can do is watching it in horror. The scene is awful, yet beautiful at the same time. As people on Earth is witnessing the event, they may liken the incident to the Challenger disaster.

Jean Receives Her Dark Phoenix Powers After An Out
Jean receives her Dark Phoenix powers after an outer space accident

However, Jean still survives miraculously, which both activated Dark Phoenix state and gives Mystique (starred by Jennifer Lawrence) one of her most convincing motivations in the whole X-Men series. For what happens to her friend, Mystique then recognizes that Xavier’s self-esteem and egoism makes him blind as he can willfully endanger the lives of the one he should love and protect. She feels mistrustful and weary of how her brother uses the team as his tool to promote his personal plan. For Mystique, this incident embodies her entire fears about Xavier.

The scenes between Mystique and Xavier shows how Mystique can become the wisest mutants to survive the X-Men: First Class. Mystique is not only Xavier’s teammate. She is also his family since she has been beside him from the very first beginning.

Mystique points out the fact that Xavier and other men in the team take all the credit for the hard work that women on the X-Men team do. The critique seems to be applied for the whole series also. Many female characters in the X-Men like Angel, Psylocke, Emma Frost, Jubilee, Moira MacTaggert and Kitty Pryde have been on and off quickly as they didn’t even get a chance to show their more complex personalities. Whereas, the whole series evolves around two leading male character - Magneto and Xavier and other male X-Men like Wolverine even had three films dedicated to him.


Along with the film, you will get who the character starred by Jessica Chastain is. Chastain’s mysterious character can see all the universe’s potential thru Jean and encourages Jean to surrender the new dangerous desire that she is trying to keep inside her. However, the incarnation of Jean has never had chance to become a three-dimensional character, just as what happens to Storm (starred by Alexandra Shipp), Cyclops (starred by Tye Sheridan), Nightcrawler (starred by Kodi Smitt-McPhee) or Beast (starred by Nicholas Hoult).

Confusingly, the considerable bit of Phoenix-centric foundation which was described in the X-Men: Apocalypse is unaddressed in this film. Although the blur lines between the Phoenix powers and Jean herself has been a compelling element of the relationship, Dark Phoenix somehow muddles the big ideas of the film because of this factor instead of making it more interesting.

However, what we are trying to say here is not that Dark Phoenix is an awful film. Because it sure is not. The thing is with its movie length, Dark Phoenix is not able to add every detail in it to tell a whole classic story that it should do

Dark Phoenix is released on June 7. Get to watch the film for your own opinions and share with us your thoughts about it.