Although the DC film Aquaman is currently being screened in many theaters around the world and is well received, its next superhero movie is about to be released in the near future. Shazam will be a combination of action and comedy movies, which will be officially released in April. A new trailer was released by the producer and revealed many new scenes.

The beginning of the story is not too different from other superheroes. Billy Batson is a young boy who is suddenly given extraordinary strength and becomes mature and strong. That helps him to have the abilities to fight the evil Dr. Sivanna. Opening the trailer is a bit dark but then the scenes show the humor and fun of the main character. As you can see in the trailer, Shazam will be a film that combines humor and epic action scenes.

Shazam meets Dr. Sivanna

Zachary Levi, who participated in the movie Thor, plays the superhero Shazam. In addition, Asher Angel plays the role of Billy and the villain Dr. Sivanna is played by Mark Strong. David F. Sandberg is the director of this film. Shazam will officially launch on April 5 this year.

The movie will bring more humor than DC superhero movies before

One of the highlights of the trailer is Shazam's outfit with special lighting capabilities. Leah Butler, the costume designer of the film, replied in an interview with Syfy recently that each suit cost more than a million and they had 10 suits. She also said the light was powered by the battery and she was happy that Shazam's outfit had a cloak because otherwise, she really didn't know where to hide the battery. These are 26-volt rechargeable batteries, which allow them to be used within two hours after a full charge.

Butler added that the outfit was prepared in 16 weeks. The team had to measure Zachary's body and start designing before he began his extremely strict exercise and diet regime.

Shazam's outfit took a lot of time to design

In 2019, DC will release two films and Shazam is the first film to be on screen this year. Following that in October, A prequel movie about the Clown Prince of Crime – Joker will be released, the film has just been announced to have completed the production process. Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead role in this movie. And it will have no connection to other films in the DC cinematic universe.