The American singer is making headlines left and right recently. Demi Lovato constantly appears on the news after the sudden break-up of her whirlwind relationship with actor Max Ehrich. The couple even canceled their engagement, putting an end to the 6-month relationship.

Demi Lovato Confident
The American superstar is back on track

This is not the first time the 28-year-old finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. And she shows the world her expertise in dealing with difficult situations. Lovato has definitely fought a lot of mental battles in her life, but she always comes out strong!

The Disney star has become a vocal advocate for mental health, spreading awareness about those with the conditions she also suffered from. In a recent Instagram post, Lovato addressed her past eating disorder.

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Demi Lovato seeks to raise awareness about mental health

The singer posted a snap of herself in a tight square neck tank top, no bra detected! Demi Lovato flaunts her now curvy figure after making peace with her chronic eating disorder. "I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted", she said in the caption.

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The star flaunts her new curves

Demi Lovato also denies having any support from push-up bra or getting a boob-job. "It's all me", she said in joy. The American star shared that she always hated having small "tittaayyys". And the size increases only when she lets go of her eating issues.

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Stop trying to control your body

Lovato seeks to inspire fans to stop trying to control what the body does for them. Instead, just let the body does what it supposed to.

The singer's Instagram post was right on the World Mental Health Day 2020. It was natural for her to raise awareness about the issue by tackling one of the most significant aspects of it. Eating disorder involves more than just food. It's a series of psychological conditions that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

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Lovato is doing great after her drug overdose two years ago

It's great to see how great Demi Lovato is doing after her apparent drug overdose two years ago. She has managed to make major changes and overcome various obstacles in life.

Demi Lovato debuted as Mitchie Torres in Disney's original movie Camp Rock in 2008. She then rose to fame, releasing many hits, including the Camp Rock's OST: "This is me", featuring Joe Jonas. The singer then suffered from sobriety, which lasted for 6 years. Lovato now recovers from her addiction and is spreading awareness about mental health.

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