If you are a gamer, then you must be familiar with the DRM software Denuvo. As an anti-piracy software, Denuvo has been present in most AAA games released in those past 4 years, and often marketed as the unbeatable anti-piracy software. However, this software also be one of the most hated things by gamers, as it always makes the game running slower than intended, even on high-end computers.

Denuvo Mobile Drm 1280x720
After PC, Mobile is the next market that the Anti-piracy company Irdeto aiming at

But it seems that this anti-piracy software refuses to settle in only the PC gaming market, as its parent company Irdeto has just announced earlier today, that this software will also be available on mobile, with the name of "Mobile Game Protection."

According to the company's press release, with the rapid expansion of the mobile gaming market, comes a bunch of new criminals that aims at cheating and pirating mobile game, putting the user's personal data on the phone at risk. For that reason, Irdeto has now launching the Mobile Game Protection service, hoping to prevent the rise of mobile games criminal. Also, the new anti-piracy service for mobile are really easy to use for developers, and can be applied to any game on the market without affecting the game's performance.

This anti-piracy solution aims to get mobile games rid of hackers

While the company are having really big words about their"Mobile Game Protection" solution, we don't think that will be true, as many PC games have their performance boost drastically when Denuvo got removed - with the biggest example being Devil May Cry 5. Back in the past, when Denuvo was first released, they also claimed that it will not affecting the game's FPS on PC - only to be proven false after a while. Also, this DRM solution is not uncrackable - as many games using this anti-piracy software still be cracked within the release date.

However, I still think that "Mobile Game Protection" is a great news to mobile games developers, as it can providing a new reliable anti-hacking solution for a lot of F2P games out there - such as PUBG Mobile - which are currently filled with hackers and brings fruistration to all the legit players out there.