Disha Patani has been long recognized as the stunningly sexy beauty of Bollywood. Owning one of the most toned bodies of the B-town, Disha Patani has proven again that she can make every man fall for her through the latest trailer of her next movie - 'Malang'.

The trailer doesn't only show her flawless bikini look on the beach, but also her sweetness beside her boyfriend and her cool and badass look of her while talking about killing as the character's main source of enjoyment. That's a major step from her sexy look on her promotion MV 'Slow Motion Song' for the movie 'Bharat', and viewers and critics keep praising her getting hotter and hotter over time.

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 3
Disha Patani keeps getting hotter and hotter over time!

And recently, Disha Patani has modestly answered the question on how she could keep her glamorous look developing through each film. Not forgetting to thanks fans for their compliments, the 28-year old actress stated it was mainly the directors and producers that make her look attractive, and she didn't do anything much!

You can see the trailer of Malang here to catch how sizzling Disha Patani is as a professional killer:

Disha Patani humbly revealed why she keeps getting so hot!

Disha Patani has made fans go 'aww' again through the new trailer of 'Malang', and people expect it to be her explosive start in 2020. The trailer was first revealed in Mumbai, together with the whole casts to promote it at the event.

Answering the question from the media about how she feels about getting more and more attractive through each movie, Disha Patani is very modest on her influence. Instead, the actress put the glory into the hands of the creator, praising that the director's and the producers' vision is what made her shining brighter and brighter.

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 1
Disha Patani said thanks to the director to make her shine in her movie

"Whatever I am, it's his creation" - Disha humbly revealed. She also clarified that for each movie, the director will give her an overall concept, and what she needs to do is to portray the best out of her role to match that vision.

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 4
She is very modest on her acting skills

At the event, Disha Patani, as well as her male counterpart Aditya Roy Kapur and other casts, was asked about how they feel when their trailer is quick to spread on Twitter as the source of memes, they have expressed that its good news for the movies. Not only those memes make people happy, but they also help the movie stolen more media coverage as well, and the casts have no problems with that.

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 6
The beautiful actress finds those memes very funny

About Malang

'Malang' is the new killer-thriller movie from the director Mohit Suri, featuring Disha Patani, Aditya Roy Kapur, Anil Kapoor, and Kunal Kemmu, telling the story of four killers. Each of them has their own perception on the jobs of taking people's lives, and on their way, the four will conflict with each other to prove their living standpoint.

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 2
The 28-year-old actress is a smoking hot killer which finds it very fun!

The first trailer of the movie teases a lot of eye-popping scenes recorded in the most beautiful tourists' attractions of India, as well as the heart-pounding actions from the four pro-killers. You can expect a deep plot with the secret identity of Disha Patani's character, a lot of stylish shooting, blood, and broken bones.

The movie will come to the cinemas all over India on February 7, 2020. If you're fans of Disha Patani and want to see how she will act in an action movie, don't forget to check this one out!

Disha Patani Hotter And Hotter 5
Disha Patani is much sexier than this in Malang!

What are you thinking about the movie? Will it be the first commercial success of Hindi movies in 2020?