Wearing a tight dress is quite normal for women to show off their glamorous body, but wearing an insanely tight dress that obstructs your respiratory is the thing that only Disha Patani would risk for.

Recently, the famous Bollywood actress wore a sexy tight dress to a party, and fans have received nosebleed for her incredible hourglass figure. However, all thing comes with a price, and the price for Disha is her inability to breathe, as she admitted with Krishna Shroff.

Disha Patani Sexy Red Tight Dress 2
Disha Patani just look too good with tight dresses

Let's find out about the funny chit-chat from Disha and her rumored boyfriend Tiger Shroff's sister with Gurugamer below. But before that, let's have a look at the party which Disha Patani shined in with that dress, and you'll be shocked at her burning your screen:

Disha Patani looks ravishing in her red tight dress

Recently, the stars of Malang has gathered in the MalangParty to celebrate the success of the action movie starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Disha Patani. Of course, Disha had to choose a unique dress that would her as sexy as her role in Malang (maybe even sexier), and it could not be better than a red tight dress to burn the screen.

Disha Patani Sexy Red Tight Dress 1
This dress has perfectly shown off Disha's toned body

So, that's what we've got from the Bollywood star. Her gown is extremely tight, which barely hides anything from her curvy figure. The dress has perfectly embellished Disha Patani's hourglass body and making her look scorchingly hot in every angle, whether it's the direct view or the side view. The dress has made Disha the spotlight of the entire event!

Screenshot 3
Her side look was even better!

As we though Disha could not get any hotter, she has proven us wrong once again! However, in exchange for the red hot look that burned the cyberspace, Disha has to give up on her ability to breath. The dress that embraced firmly on her body seems to be too tight for a human to wear, and Disha has admitted it after the event ended.

Screenshot 4
Even though she has burned the Internet with this look, it happens for a cost!

On her picture on Instagram, Disha Patani had a small chit-chat with her Krishna Shroff - the sister of her rumored boyfriend Tiger Shroff. Krishna starts with claiming that she also has the same dress, but was never able to wear it. She also wondered on the size of the dress that Disha had worn, which Disha has revealed that it was XS - which means Extra-small!

Disha Patani Sexy Red Tight Dress 3
This dress's size is extra-small!

No wonder why it looks so tight and breathtaking on Disha! The Malang's lead actress didn't forget to leave some advice for Krishna, stating that she would get small instead. "Breathing was only optional in this" - Disha Patani humorously ended their conversation. Some fans even gave out funny comments on the two's woes, claiming that it might be Tiger that has stolen his sister's dress and brought it to Disha!

Disha Patani Sexy Red Tight Dress 4
Disha's being too sexy like this is illegal!

Disha Patani's first movie with Tiger Shroff was 'Baaghi 2', and she also took part in his recent hit 'Baaghi 3' with a special appearance in the movie's music video. The two continously shown their chemistry with each other both onscreen and offscreen. Recently, Disha has called Tiger 'Baagh' on his birthday with a lot of gratitude and wishes toward the actor with their dance video.

Disha Patani Sexy Red Tight Dress 5
Disha Patani has shown great chemistry with Tiger Shroff after Baaghi 2

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